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Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekend May 1, Mercury opposes Saturn and full moon in Scorpio

The moon is in Libra until Saturday night and this will turn our focus toward relationships, one way or another. By Friday evening it forms a T-square with Uranus and Pluto and this can be an upsetting period as it sets off the Uranus-Pluto square.  It enters Scorpio, the sign of its lunar peak Saturday at 9:47 P.M.,est.

Scorpio is the most intense of signs and this full moon will be connected to 8th house issues: sex, transformation of all kinds-good or bad- taxes, debt, money and how we feel in our relationships. This powerful full moon forms a T-square, a configuration involving three planets, that include the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Whatever Jupiter touches it expands and this can include tension, stress or any other negative emotion. It is highly charged, and highly emotional.

Mercury opposes Saturn at 3 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius May 3, and this is a somewhat negative influence prone to harsh communication and thinking. Mercury rules, pets, young people, travel and communication.

Gemini/Sagittarius represent the third/ninth house axis which relate to our thoughts and communication, legal, medical issues, travel and foreign affairs, education, siblings-relatives and our neighborhoods as well as our general outlook of the world.

May 4, The Sun squares Jupiter and while this is not typically negative, things and situations may get blown out of proportion.  The energy of these transits will be felt before they become exact.

As we approach the full moon, situations can become more intense and be blown out of proportion, and this moon can make some obsessive.

As Mercury is in an opposition to Saturn this is a transit prone to depression ( for some), lack of communication in some cases, harshness toward or from other people, and general irritation, sadness and negativity. With Saturn involved some things will end.

This transit will aspect your chart if you have a mutable planet-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces at 0-3 degrees. As Saturn is aspecting the above signs at the same degree, it is already aspecting your chart (if you have a mutable planet at these degrees) and as Mercury makes it aspect,  a significant event could occur that involves some type of communication, relatives, vehicles, travel or young people.

As the moon is in the sign ruling 8th house matters, (transformation, death, sex, money, 
 lawsuits) this will be a very significant weekend for some more than others.  Some situations will end.

There could be issues about transportation, pets, vehicles, young people, relatives, neighbors and others. This is a time to use extreme caution while driving, and do not become overly harsh in your speech. Communication could be nonexistent, negative, sad or depressed.

At its best,  transformation could occur in a positive way taking you to the next level, while releasing things, situations, even people that have outlived their time. In the world this transit will play out as well. We could hear news concerning death, sex, and young people or the written word in some form. We will hear some serious news.
Thursday and Friday are significant for the city of Baltimore, bringing unexpected situations, news and events, and the potential for violence, that will hopefully be averted. There could somehow be a focus on money and the leadership.

In a large part the theme of the weekend on a bigger level will concern our neighborhoods, and the safety and welfare of the young people who live in them. Now is the time to transform some of the issues and problems that we have been shown collectively (since the Uranus-Pluto square has brought them to light) concerning justice and equity for all, very much like the mid 1960's and 1930's.(4-30-15)

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