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Friday, June 26, 2015

July 2015: The Cancer Season-changes in our basic foundation/ Venus retrogrades

The Cancer season is finally upon us with the Sun in this sign, along with Mercury (July 8) and Mars giving us a stellium of transiting planets in the sign of the homeland along with a New and full moon falling on the 4th/10th house axis of home/family and priorities.

Cancer is about home and family, and this energy will work well for earth and water signs, but not so well for fire and air signs. While Cancer is associated with nurturing, it is also the most emotional sign of the zodiac and some may find it far too emotional, moody and repressive.

This is the time many people visit with family, or take family vacations. As Jupiter and Venus are both in Leo, many people will be focused on fun and entertainment this month and this is a bright spot. Make the most of it this, as summer always passes far too quickly, and while July is going to bring some turbulent moments as you will see, there is also the potential for some good times.  Family will be in focus as the planets move through Cancer and as they shift into Leo later in the month, the focus will change to singles, romantic love and entertainment.

We begin the month with a full moon in Saturn oriented Capricorn,  and this moon falls on the 10th/4th house axis of business and priorities and home and family.   We will be focused responsibilities and our structure, family and the homeland itself during this time. This moon will peak July 1,  at 9 degrees 55 minutes, at 10:20 P.M., est.  

The energy of a full moon typically begins a week beforehand, and as this post is written major changes have occurred before I was able to post this. Full moon energy typically begins about a week before the fact.

The moon falls within 4 degrees of conjuncting Pluto, and Pluto is the planet of ultimate transformation, change and is associated with the 8th house of transformation, death, sex and other people's money, and major change that can take many forms.

This is not a light full moon, and Pluto can bring obsessive thoughts and desires, deep insight or revelations, and psychological change. Skeletons can come out of the closet with Pluto transits.  Now may be the time to let go of situations and long held thoughts about people, things and situations that have not worked out, or it can be a turning point, one way or another. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and move on to the next part of your life.

The Moon opposes Mars at 4 degrees of Cancer and this is an angry transit prone to burnout as well. This speaks of arguments, seething anger, and accidents. Caution is advised at this time in every way, and this is not the time to push other people as they will likely push back.

If used constructively a lot of work can be accomplished during this time, but to do that you must avoid friction, not to mention burnout, and for many this may not be easy.

Venus is conjunct Jupiter on this day as well, a once a year phenomenon that places the two most beneficial planets together, creating an energy far different from the moon in Capricorn. Venus and Jupiter in Leo are associated with fun, entertainment, children, excesses, love affairs and children. This may soften the Capricorn energy to an extent, but it won't negate it.

So in a nutshell we have a full moon that involved the three most malefic planets, 

Saturn, Mars and Pluto, and well as the two most beneficial, Jupiter and Venus.

My advice is to try and go with the lighter more expansive energy of Jupiter and Venus, while using the Mars and Saturn energy to accomplish what you need to do. Leave the confrontations for another day when things are calmer. I'm not saying it will be easy.

In the world this full moon will be associated with business, money, home and family that includes the basic structure of the family unit and issues of the homeland-ours or someone else's. Pluto rules nuclear weapons and bullies, those who wish to force their will on others at any cost. Transformations and changes of all sorts may occur, and in the US natal chart it falls in the 1st house opposing the 7th house of courts and open enemies.

This moon squares Saturn in Libra, (US chart) and Saturn rules our stability and what we know to be our foundation,  which will change. It is also the planet that governs marriage and as Pluto is currently square Saturn in the US natal chart, major changes in what we have known in the past have and will continue to occur.

The Supreme Court has announced (June 26) a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where they live and that states may no longer reserve the right only for heterosexual couples. This is perhaps the most significant aspect of this full moon and the time has come for us to acknowledge changes from our past structures are and will continue to occur. But,  this moon opposes the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus stellium in Cancer, showing opposition. There will be friction, opposition and many who oppose the decision, but change from the past is what this moon shows us and is inevitable as shown in the US chart .

As this moon involves Pluto, Saturn and Mars, this is a combination for police, military action and terrorism. With the three most malefic planets involved it is going to be a tense time in the world, and as we have a stellium of Cancer planets an emotional time. Part of the population is happy over the Supreme court decision and the other part is unhappy. No matter what, the only answer is peace. America is home for many divergent people and it is a home that belongs to all of us.

If there is any silver lining, it will be the energy of Venus and Jupiter, along with the current Jupiter/Uranus trine and we can never underestimate the expansiveness of Jupiter-Uranus and the healing power of Jupiter. This energy too, can help us move forward and be open to new experiences.

As we have three planets transiting through Cancer, each of them will oppose Pluto and square Uranus creating change and upheaval this month.  The Uranus-Pluto square is six degrees apart which is not as intense as it was earlier in the year, but this energy manifests for a long time, and it is not out of orb to have affects on our personal lives and in the world, which means changes this month can, are and will be significant if this aspects your personal chart along with the world.

The following dates will be of importance in terms of our own lives and in the world, especially if you have planets in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries at 13-16 degrees or 18-21 degrees in your personal chart. Otherwise, you will experience the energy, but not as severely. Let's start with the Sun:

July 6, the Sun opposes Pluto at 14 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. This often coincides with power struggles with others. This can be overly emotional and explosive especially around sensitive issues. There can be issues about joint finances, sex, home and family and you may see or experience some all or nothing attitudes. Not a good day to press the issues as others will press back and you could lose. There is a polarity here, and nothing in between. Transformation can occur on many levels.
This will play out in the world in terms of power struggles and we could see deaths, and issues around nuclear weapons or nuclear situations. Transformation can occur and this affects both the 1st/7th houses (US chart) of marriage, courts and open enemies as well as the 2ond/8th house cusp of the US chart: money, sex, death, change and transformation.  We will see opposition to whatever is occurring at the moment.

July 12, the Sun squares Uranus at 20 degrees cancer/Aries This is a transit that generally brings sudden and unexpected situations. You may want to do something different, your day may not go as planned, and in some cases you may seek freedom from someone or something. Uranus transits typically break the routine and deal with unexpected events. Sometimes things suddenly end, or you walk away from something for greater freedom.
This same energy will apply to the world, and we will hear unexpected news. Uranus can deal with weather and aircraft and Uranus can be explosive.
Mercury rules communication, young people, travel and vehicles typically.  

 July 15, Mercury opposes Pluto. Conversation can be argumentative and thoughts can be obsessive. People may be demanding. Be careful driving and traveling and try not to focus on obsessive thoughts.
In the world this typically coincides with the media, and press. We will hear arguments, possibly hear news of young people, accidents and those with very strong opinions. It is a transit of propaganda.

A New Moon will occur in the same sign July 15 at 23 degrees of Cancer at 9:42 P.M., est.  Typically New moons aren't volatile, but this one will be with all the other transits occurring. Cancer is the most emotional of signs and the most patriotic. With patriotism come high emotions, and it is not limited to our own country. Again home and family will be the theme, and home in some cases can be the place of emotional discontent and anger.

July 15, Mars also opposes Pluto This is a transit of extreme anger, frustration and volatility.  As this falls on the 4th/10th house axis issues will concern home and family, the emotional life and business. This is one of the most difficult transits and in extreme cases it could show domestic violence, but only if that tendency is already there. This is a day to think calmly, not initiate situations that will cause friction and discontent.  On the other hand it may bring transformation in many areas, but it is not an easy day.

July 16, Mercury conjuncts Mars This is an angry and agitated transit on the heels of the New Moon and could involve vehicles and travel. Be careful in this area.
Mercury-Mars involves travel, transport and young people. It will play out in the world as all transits do.

Emotions will be high, and these transits clearly shows a strong possibility of violence in the world.. Violence and heated situations will be driven by heated emotions and misplace patriotic feelings or personal reasoning that may not be subjective. Use caution. This moon conjuncts Mars (in Cancer) just like the New Moon on June 16, that foreshadowed the Charleston church massacre.  Mars shows guns and younger men and a great deal of anger.

Both Pluto and Uranus will be aspected and while Pluto deals with darker issues, Uranus deals with Unexpected issues.

July 18, Mercury squares Uranus, and this is a transit of unexpected news, issues with vehicles, travel and young people. It may be hard to focus and is mentally changeable.

July 25, Mars squares Uranus at 20 degrees of Cancer/Aires. This is another angry transit that brings unexpected issues and events. Some situations may end, and again use caution for the day. Some may seek freedom with this transit.

In the world we will see unexpected events and at times this can be connected with explosive themes, explosions, aircraft and weather.
The above transits represent the squares and oppositions the three Cancer planets will make, and the most volatile times of the month.

Now for the other transits:
July 2, Mercury sextiles Uranus-positive for communication, look for new ideas.
July 3, Mercury sextiles Jupiter-great for communication, uplifting
July 5, Mercury sextiles Venus-great for your social life and romantic communication.
July 13, Mercury trines Neptune-creativity, compassion, and many will experience vivid dreams.
July 13-15, Venus squares Saturn-this is a downer for your social and romantic life. Venus will square Saturn several times as Venus retrogrades. Some situations and relationships will end at this time.
July 18, Venus enters Virgo for the first time. Venus in Virgo is weak. It becomes more discerning, sometimes overly so, and it is interested in the practical side of love. It will retrograde back into Leo August 1.
July 21, the Sun trines Saturn-excellent for practical work.
July 22, Mercury trines Saturn, great for concentration and practical work and communication.
July 22, the Sun enters Leo the sign ruling the 5th house of entertainment, creativity, love affairs and children.
July 23, Mercury enters Leo

July 25, Venus turns retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo. As Venus begins its retrograde in Virgo we could become overly critical, and some of the relationships and issues we face could involve work situations. As it retrogrades back into Leo, fifth house (friends, love affairs, even children) will come into focus and it may become apparent to some of us we need to have more fun.

In a general sense when Venus retrogrades love energy becomes more intense and drama can begin, especially with Venus in Leo. This is a period when seemingly fated events occur, sometimes appearing to be beyond the control of the parties involved. Relationships can slow down, change or end.

Sometimes those from our past can reappear. It is a time of reviewing and re-accessing your love life. Changes occur, and people can switch their affections and partners. The karma (karma=the universal will, what will ultimately be) of the relationship will play out during this period for some. Unresolved issues come to the forefront to be resolved one way or another, but if a commitment exists with work it can become stronger.

If Venus goes stationary direct on a planet in your personal chart or your Sun you may well meet someone significant at this time. If it goes stationary retrograde on a planet, issues and problems will likely surface at this time.

A retrograde Venus is not the time to get married, engaged, have plastic surgery, buy art, jewelry or items ruled by Venus. Money matters may be slowed down as well.
Venus retrogrades about every 18 months. The most important period is the stationary retrograde period when Venus is starting to retrograde and the stationary direct period when it is about to move forward again.

July 26, Uranus turns stationary retrograde at 20 degrees of Aries.

Enjoy the summer while it's here. You can bet will be far too short.

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