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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Next President?

"Political office attracts the dishonest as well as the honest and those who crave power for its own sake. Astrology can easily unmask both. Then we can decide if we like them."--Dave Roell, July 2008

Hillary Clinton is the wife of former US President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State under US President Barrack Obama.  She has announced herself as a US candidate for President in 2016. She ran as a candidate on the Democratic ticket against Barrack Obama in 2008 and lost.

Hillary Clinton was born October 26, 1947, at 8:02 A.M., in Chicago, Illinois. Her time is unverified but believed to be correct.

Jupiter falls in her first house  at 1 degree of Sagittarius, the most expansive of signs and this gives her luck and always will. Jupiter is considered at its dignity here, making it very powerful. Jupiter is the most beneficial planet and considered the planet of luck and divine grace. It naturally rules the eleventh house of groups and the collective, and gives her luck as a politician who is involved with the collective.

Hillary is a 2 degree Scorpio Sun with a Venus and Mercury also in Scorpio, along with a 22 degree Scorpio ascendant,  making her a naturally secretive and private person, especially with three planets falling in her twelfth house, which rules seclusion, things hidden and the subconscious mind. Underneath, she has many emotions whether she expresses them publicly  or not. She is more than capable of keeping a secret, and would know many things she does not publicly reveal.

The twelfth house, more than any other, especially for a politician, places  an emphasis on secret enemies and hidden information. When Hillary was in the White House serving as First Lady, her tenure was characterized by attacks from detractors who spent a great deal of energy trying to dig up information that would be derogatory in more ways than one. 

Other examples of politicians with  a twelfth house Sun are George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Hillary will always have hidden enemies and those who wish to see her fail with this placement, and she will always be secretive in some respects as it is inherent in her nature.

Her Moon is 22 degrees of Pisces, the most sensitive sign falling in her fourth house of home and family, making her home and family oriented and probably intuitive as well.

Her Moon squares Uranus at 25 degrees of Gemini, falling in the eighth house. This shows many upsets and changes along the way in her personal life. 

The Moon describes the Mother and sometimes this shows a feeling of abandonment, or not always being supported. Thus, these individuals often seek freedom early in life. Sometimes they have a job that requires they or someone else spend long hours away from home. The Moon represents her emotional life and her Mother, whose life must have made a big impression as Hillary stated,  "Mom's own childhood was marked by trauma and abandonment. In Chicago her parents fought frequently and divorced when she and her sister were young. Neither parent was willing to care for the kids, so they were put on a train to California to live with their paternal grandparents

By the time Mom turned 14, she could no longer bear life in her grandmother's house. She moved out and found work. After graduating from high school Mom moved back to Chicago in the hopes of reconnecting with her own mother. Sadly she was spurned yet again.

When I got old enough to understand all this, I asked my mother how she survived abuse and abandonment without becoming embittered and emotionally stunted. How did she emerge from this lonely early life as such a loving and levelheaded woman? I'll never forget how she replied. "At critical points in my life somebody showed me kindness," she said. Sometimes it would seem so small, but it would mean so much. "

Moon-Uranus transits can also make a person emotionally changeable and show periodic domestic upheaval. They need constant change and their volatility can drive others crazy at times, although they are often ahead of their time.

Abraham Lincoln had a Uranus square Moon and while he was devoted to his wife, the volatility of their marriage is widely documented. He also lost his Mother at an early age, and Hillary's Mothers' early life clearly left an imprint on her thinking.

Uranus in the eighth house shows an individual who is a reformer and has Ideas that can be ahead of their time. When Bill Clinton was President, Hillary was appointed to try and create a new health care reform  package to provide health care to all Americans in 1993. The plan was rejected and it would be more than a generation later before this issue would gain any ground under another administration,  and then it was watered down. Americans still don't have universal health care. The US is one of the few countries in the Western world that don't have Universal coverage today.

Uranus in the eighth house, square any planet is basically a dangerous placement for a politician or someone who is in the public eye.  The eighth house rules many things, including death. Four US Presidents have been assassinated and all of them were born with a square to Uranus. President Garfield had a Uranus-Moon square with his Moon in the eighth house. Along with her Pluto conjunct Mars and Saturn, Hillary's chart shows the potential for violence or attempted violence. This natal square in her chart will actually be set off by Saturn in January of 2017 and this will be a very dangerous if not stressful period for her.

In Hillary's chart Neptune in Libra (11 degrees) falls in her 11th house of the collective and sextiles her Mars, Pluto and Saturn in the 9th. Neptune-Saturn transits show an ability to focus on matters in a realistic manner. Neptune-Mars shows an ability to focus on what will serve the collective, and finds satisfaction on working with issues that serve others interests. This helps with the ability to understand others motives and makes her a romanticist.

Astrologer Dave Roell wrote about Neptune's placement in political charts as well as that of Pluto, " Neptune, Neptune, Neptune & did I mention, Neptune? ... but I don’t want to bore my readers. 
In a politician’s chart, look first for hard aspects from Neptune to his personal planets.
Some examples:
Barak Obama: Mercury square Neptune. Sun square Neptune. Jupiter (not a personal planet) square Neptune.
Tony Blair: Neptune square Mercury. Squares to Neptune are aspects of delusion. One paints rosy pictures. One fools himself. The deluded politician sees the world as better than it is. In Tony’s case, those delusions got manipulated into a war by someone with a different agenda. But, happily, Tony is still so deluded as to not know.
Maybe we should call Neptunian squares the Sucker Aspect. When Plutonians manipulate deluded Neptunians, the people in Neptune’s charge (in Tony’s case, British subjects) become victims. A Brazilian electrician’s horrible death on a tube platform comes to mind.
Bill Clinton: Neptune conjunct Mars. Conjunctions are an inability to sense reality. In this case, as it’s in his first house, everyone thinks you’re not doing the right thing, because, well, maybe you’re not.
Richard Nixon: Neptune opposite Mercury. Oppositions to Neptune are outright deceit. Lies. You lie because you are lied to, you lie in equal measure.
Pluto is power for its own sake. Beware the politician with Pluto in the first house who lacks oppositions in his chart. He will run roughshod over everyone & everything, since, by definition, he knows no opposition: George W. Bush.
Hillary Clinton: Mars-Pluto conjunct, with Saturn making a stellium. Mars & Sun are in mutual reception as well as widely square.
John McCain: Sun/Neptune conjunct: The swindler. And don’t they all claim to be “straight talkers”! Neptune-Venus conjunct. Neptune opposite Saturn. Pluto in the 10th.
This is too easy. Name a prominent politician, look for his Neptune. Then look for his Pluto.
So let’s look at some more. Your heroes, or mine? Could Neptune rule clay feet?
Ronald Reagan: Neptune opposite Mercury/Uranus. Widely opposite Mars.
Jimmy Carter: Neptune/Node/Venus conjunct, opposite Mars. Lust in his heart.
Mike Huckabee: Stellium in Leo: Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Venus.
Ron Paul: Neptune/Mercury conjunct, opposite Saturn
Mike Gravel: Uranus conjunct Mars, Neptune square Mercury.
Hard Neptune aspects do not make people bad. They do make them different.
And just for the fun of it:
Bobby Kennedy: Pluto/Mars square. Pluto/Jupiter opposition.
Franklin Roosevelt: Stellium in Taurus: Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, square Sun & Mercury in Aquarius.
Abraham Lincoln: Neptune conjunct Saturn (by far the best configuration for Neptune), square a Mercury/Pluto conjunction.
Mao Tse-tung: Neptune/Pluto conjunct, opposite Mercury.
A client walks in the door, you find Neptunian aspects, this is not what you should think of him. He’s an ordinary working stiff."
Hillary has no hard aspects to her Neptune. Her Pluto however, is part of a stellium of Leo planets in her ninth house.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Leo (14, 21 and 14 degrees respectively) fall in her ninth house of government, and foreign travel and relations-she was Secretary of State during which time she traveled the globe dealing with foreign dignitaries-and this transit gives her power, drive and intense determination.

The ninth house is the realm of ideas, foreign affairs,  world views, the legal field, government and education. This is the natural world for Hillary and where she lives out her place in the world.  As her ninth house is ruled by Leo (fifth house-friends, children and love affairs) she met her true love here as well. Bill and Hillary Clinton met in college when they both attended Yale.

Power is something Hillary is destined to have and she is not afraid to act on ideas she considers correct.

As Leo rules the fifth house of children she has a special interest in children and coined the phrase, 'it takes a village.' and published a book during her time as First Lady in 1996 entitled, It takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.

This stellium of planets shows the most significant personality traits we can see looking at Hillary as an individual.

Her stellium of Scorpio planets in the twelfth house, create a square to her planets in Leo.  Mercury squares Saturn, Pluto and Mars. Mercury-Saturn can make her a critical thinker, sometimes prone to negative thinking.

Mercury-Pluto makes her an intense and deep thinker, and she might manipulate others with words. Mercury square Mars shows she isn't afraid to fight for her ideas, or debate the facts intensely.

Venus square Mars shows passionate personal relationships, not without strife. Venus-Pluto is intense, passionate, even jealous and possessive of what is hers. Venus-Saturn can show insecurity and at times coldness in her personal relationships and she is capable of sacrifice to pursue her ideals. Her marriage to Bill Clinton has not been without widely publicized problems.

Taken alone, Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Leo show an individual who has developed her own talents in a highly individualistic way. Being driven to achieve is a way of life. Saturn-Pluto confers great determination, and those who wrong her would likely never be forgiven, and certainly not forgotten.
Mars-Pluto confers the type of determination that would in some cases fight to the death. This woman is no quitter, nor will she ever be a wallflower. She has the potential to be stubborn, determined or in some cases difficult even to her own detriment.

There is also a tragic quality about this stellium of planets both taken alone and in their square to her planets in Scorpio. She is the only First Lady to have withstood public questions about her husband's sex life, broadcast on TV for all the world to view.

Her sexuality has been attacked and questioned in numerous books and articles.  Pluto next to Mars and Saturn (and square Venus and Mercury) would either ultimately destroy an individual or allow them, like the Phoenix to rise from the ashes again and again. Hillary has made it clear that she is a survivor, and she is able to regenerate herself again and again when weaker individuals would be destroyed or walk away from public life.

There is another side to this stellium of planets in her ninth house and that deals with raw power. This is not a lady to be trifled with. Do so at your own risk, as alleged mistress to Bill Clinton, Jennifer Flowers has found out over the years. After all that has been written about their marriage, Bill and Hillary are still together, and will continue to be.

 Individuals with a Saturn-Pluto combination can experience periods in life where they may feel disenfranchised by others, and involved in situations they have no control over, and can carry the feelings associated with this for the rest of their life, and these feelings can influence future actions.

The combination of these three planets show conditions in life that lend themselves to power, extreme discipline and at times volatility.

Hillary's mid-heaven (career and reputation) is at 5 degrees of Virgo. Virgo is a hard worker and often engrossed in work, as a matter of fact some of them have a reputation of being workaholics .

Those born with Virgo midheaven take their commitments seriously and have strong analytical abilities. They believe in getting to the crux of the matter and confronting it head on.

The planetary ruler of Virgo is Mercury and Mercury lies in her twelfth house again, showing secrecy and seclusion when it comes to work. Mercury trines her moon showing an easy association with women and she works well alone. 

She has a good command of the verbal and written word and will always excel here.

As her Mercury squares her Saturn she has strong analytical abilities, is a skeptic and at times could be narrow minded in her opinions. This shows an individual who could have conservative attitudes and experience insecurity at times, but have great capacities to analyze.
When Hillary ran for President in 2008, her chart showed she was destined to lose. She withdrew her Campaign June 7, 2008, conceding to Obama as the Democratic nominee.
The major transits that affected her inability to continue in 2008 were, Neptune opposing Saturn in her 9th house. Neptune-Saturn transits frequently show disappointment and an inability to continue along the same path.
Saturn was square Jupiter and this is generally negative potentially for money and Jupiter shows a younger man. It was during this period that Obama surged ahead in the polls.
The following transits will affect Hillary (and her candidacy) between now and November 2016. These are some of the transits, not all of them. I will not predict a winner in the Presidential election until the Democratic and Republican candidates are announced/confirmed.

Saturn conjuncts Jupiter-Ironically the square to Jupiter contributed to her loss in 2008. Jupiter rules money, the law and younger males. Saturn completed its conjunct  to her natal Jupiter in early January, and the second will occur late May-mid-June. The final pass will occur mid-September -mid-October.

Squares bring obstacles, and a conjunct is often of a more internal nature, not that it can't bring issues and problems as well. Some of the issues may include money/funding, philosophic viewpoints  and legal or governmental issues.
Robert Hand tells us, " The structured nature of Saturn which demands that conditions be met and obligations be fulfilled, is not very compatible with the unrestrained exuberance of Jupiter. Yet together they play a valuable role in your life. Saturn gives you the discipline to make a solid structure of your life. But at the same time, Saturn can be the ultimate wet blanket for Jupiter, turning optimism into pessimism, bold risk taking to overcautious conservatism."

It is also possible the Hillary could encounter issues that involve a younger man, or issues around past events that could include previous decisions or decisions/issues around foreign affairs.

Jupiter in Leo
Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and between April and August 11, Jupiter transits through her ninth house of government and foreign affairs. Jupiter conjuncts Mars mid-May and this is a transit of expansion.  Jupiter conjunct Pluto at the same time can be constructive for self improvement and personal regeneration, and work designed to reform existing conditions. There could be financial gains through corporate structures and there could be issues connected with media. When the 'email scandal' broke on March 5, 2015 concerning Hillary's use of personal email services while employed as Secretary of State, Jupiter was conjunct her Pluto (along with Mars opposing her Neptune) We could see something similar occur at this time.
By late June 2015, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn necessitating a high level of ethical performance. This can be a restrictive transit relating to past actions.
Jupiter sextiles Uranus in her 8th house of other people's money early to mid July. There will be a great deal of traveling, and this is an excellent time to raise money.

Saturn on the Angles
Saturn aspecting the angles of your chart represent important periods of time. At the time of this post-June 2015,, Saturn is in the first house of Hillary's chart squaring the 10th house cusp, known as the midheaven and the 4th house cusp known as the IC. During these periods we often take the lead and make change in important areas, in this case the change comes in terms of career (midheaven) and foundation and home (IC).

Saturn here can create a feeling of being cut off from others and spending a great deal of time pursuing personal goals. Fears of inadequacies may be frequent and sometimes certain relationships and situations end to make room for what is required in terms of professional endeavors.  Saturn will square the fourth and tenth house cusp again in November 2015, and much effort is required to move ahead.

 During 2014-January of 2015 Neptune was conjunct  Hillary's IC opposing the midheaven and this would have created confusion about her decision to run. As Neptune moved away from the 5 degree mark, (her midheaven is 5 degrees of Virgo) it was replaced by the square from Saturn and Saturn rules our structure, discipline and work efforts. Thus, her confusion over whether or not to run, was replaced with the determination (Saturn) to make the move and announce her candidacy April 12, 2015.

By November 2015, Neptune and Saturn are in an exact square at 7 degrees of Pisces-Sagittarius, falling within 2 degrees of her Virgo midheaven. She will likely experience this as a discouraging period, and issues from the past could come back and play a discouraging role during time.

Jupiter in Virgo
Jupiter enters Virgo August 12, 2015 where it will remain until September of 2016. During this time, it will remain in Hillary's 10th house of career and reputation. It will conjunct her midheaven in August and this is a positive transit for career and reputation, and it sextiles her Sun, a positive influence. By September it trines Venus in her twelfth showing help from women and those behind the scenes. By late November it sextiles Mercury showing support from young people and is a positive influence as well. These transits return late January-April of 2016, and again during the summer. Jupiter will play a big role in Virgo (in her chart), giving her a great deal of support while in this sign.

Fall eclipses 2015
A solar eclipse occurs at 20 degrees of Virgo on September 13, 2015. This eclipse falls in her career house and opposes her Moon. In a politicians chart the Moon shows the mood of the people and this would be an upsetting time. It does however trine Mercury, showing hidden support and support from young people.

Venus turns direct on September 6, after a retrograde period falling on her Pluto during this eclipse. This shows issues with women, money, and potentially from those who oppose freedom of choice for women. It could also show emotional upheaval and issues concerning money, women or other difficult subjects. As Mars is also transiting her 10th house of reputation and priorities, this shows a time when she would likely be attacked by opponents. The Venus-Pluto period will also show issues that could include media, reform of existing conditions and personal subjects. Venus will transit over her Pluto, Mars and Saturn making this a pivotal time August 31-September 7, 

September 28, a lunar eclipse occurs at 4 degrees of Aries. This eclipse falls in her 11th house of the collective aspecting her Neptune, but trines her Jupiter at 1 degree of Sagittarius.

An eclipse at this degree last occurred October of 1996. This was the last year Hillary was said to drive a car, as her husband was serving his first term as President, and she spoke at the Democratic convention this year as Bill Clinton was running for re-election.

Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn re-enters Sagittarius on September 19, 2015 where it will remain for the next two years.

Having spent the past three months and making its final pass in Scorpio, Saturn does not aspect anything in Hillary's chart.  Saturn in this position however may bring up eighth house subjects such as debt, taxes, women's right to chose, and campaign finances, along with issues connected with death or war.
When Saturn crossed her ascendant at 22 degrees of Scorpio in October 2013, 

Hillary began the journey of re-creating herself as we all do,  when Saturn crosses our ascendant every 30 years.

Saturn once again conjuncts her Jupiter late September-early October 2015. 

This will be the final pass of this Saturn transit. In January of 2015 during the first pass, Hillary was said to have delayed her decision to run for President. As Jupiter rules younger men, it was during this cycle that Jeb Bush resigned from active participation from all profit and nonprofit board he sat on in anticipation of his own candidacy.

By November 2015, the Neptune-Saturn square is exact and falling within 2 degrees of Hillary's mid-heaven. When the email scandal broke in early March 2015, the Neptune-Saturn square (while not exact) was within orb of her midheaven.  This would be the time for scandals, whether true or not to be swirling around Hillary, and potentially other politicians as well. This will be a pivotal time again, especially around the end of the month.

Saturn in Sagittarius will not make any further negative or difficult aspects between  December 2015 and November 2016.  Late December -early January 2016 Saturn will sextile Hillary's Neptune. This transit can help connect her with the collective base and she may benefit through past associations, and gain insights into means of advancement. She could be involved in some type of event that involves governmental secrecy.

Saturn trines her Mars-Pluto late January 2016-Feburary and again October-November 2016.  This is a positive influence giving energy and efficiency to work if she is the democratic nominee.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.--Abraham Lincoln


  1. This is excellent, thank you. Do you use Chiron at all. Have you noticed it transits her Moon the whole of 2015 and 2016? I think it has to do with the constant attacks she is experiencing.

  2. This is a very interesting analysis. One question; why do you say that "(Jupiter) It naturally rules the eleventh house of groups and the collective"? It rules the 9th. House and the 12th. House (traditional astrology). The 11th. House is ruled by Uranus and Saturn (traditional astrology). Thanks in advance for your clarification.

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    26-Jul-2016 010°,02'49 Sagittarius Sat 120 Plu transit

    27-Jul-2016 021°,11'00 Virgo Jup 30 C--3 transit

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