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Friday, June 19, 2015

Jupiter-Venus-Uranus: Time for fun and expansion

Jupiter is trine Uranus, becoming exact Monday June 22, at 9:43 A.M., est. This is positive and expansive energy that can help in many ways. Now is the time to come up with and implement new plans and act on those things that will move your life forward. You may feel a desire for travel, freedom or expansion in any number of areas. This energy will affect us all, but especially those Fire and Air signs that are 17-20 degrees, especially Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius, OR if you have fire and air signs/planets in your  chart at these degrees.

If you are a Libra or have Libra planets at these degrees Uranus will be opposing your Sun,( or any other planet in Libra at this degree), and Uranus brings change and unexpected events. Jupiter will serve as a form of protection and help the situation. You could be ready to make some type of major change that will be beneficial.

If you are a 17-20 degree Aquarius or have planets here Jupiter will oppose your Sun and Uranus will sextile your planet-still a good combination!

While Jupiter is considered 'the greater benefic,' by astrologers, Venus is the "lesser benefic."  Seldom do these two planets team up but they will July 1. This is positive energy and as Leo rules the 5th house of love affairs, friends, entertainment (and children) this is where the fun will come in.  This energy will last a few days before and after.

Don't expect to have a great deal of drive or willpower to work, the desire for fun, love and entertainment-(or overdoing) may be stronger. You may want to be noticed! The influence of these two planets will continue (especially Jupiter trine Uranus during June) in the days before and up until (approximately) July 4.   Enjoy this time as these planets don't line up like this often!

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