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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mercury turns direct, Neptune retrogrades and the twain shall meet again

Mercury turns stationary direct June 11, at 6:33 P.M., EST, at 4 degrees of Gemini. This has been a powerful retrograde as Mercury has been in its own sign. Many things have happened during this retrograde, situations revealed,  and I doubt many people will complain that it will soon be over.

It will remain at this degree (4 Gemini) through June 15, hence the term 'stationary.' It is often at this point in the retrograde we see more glitches, plans and situations change, or new information can be revealed changing matters once again.

Things will start to pick up speed and straighten out as Mercury actually starts to move forward once again June 16.Mercurial energy gets back to normal slowly. Mercury will actually be in its shadow period post retrograde until June 27. After this things can be considered full speed ahead.

After Mercury goes direct (give it a few days) now will be the time to begin to move forward with any intellectual projects, ideas and plans that have developed or changed over the retrograde.

We have a New Moon June 16, in the most intellectual of signs (Gemini), but this moon conjuncts Mars, the God of War. At its best, it can be energetic and busy to the point of burnout. At its worst, many will experience it as angry and frustrating. If you can overcome the frustration this is a positive time for planning.

Less, than 12 hours after Mercury turns direct Neptune goes stationary retrograde June 12, at 5:09 A.M., EST. Neptune is considered the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, psychics, dreams creativity, and often brings a complete lack of clarity.

Neptune retrogrades every year, but its retrograde station is occurring at the same time of Mercury's direct station, and this will be an interesting time, It can confuse the issues and may well result in a very powerful few days of continued confusion and misinformation, especially if you have mutable planets-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces at 4- 10 degrees.

If Neptune is aspecting a planet in your chart at 7-9 degrees of a mutable sign you are likely experiencing this as an overall confusing time, and you are at risk of making wrong or bad decisions if you do not take all factors into account in a very realistic manner.

When any of the outer planets turn retrograde this is a powerful shift in energy and retrograde Neptune can bring heightened creativity, psychic ability , prophetic dreams, and spiritual growth, as well as paranoia, and lack of clarity, self deception or even lies.

As Neptune begins its retrograde and Mercury moves forward confusion may reign over the next week or so. Vivid dreams may become common, intuitive or déjà vu experiences, tiredness, and discouragement, especially as we approach Mercury's final square to Neptune on June 23. 

This same square occurred May 29, and if this square hit your chart, and affected you around this date, it will again. If so you have mutable planets in your chart at 8-10 degrees, that will involve Neptune and Mercury.
When Neptune sets off a natal aspect or transit in your chart (along with Mercury, or any other planet) these are significant days and events.

Overall, we can experience the same type of situations that occurred around May 29. Discouragement, lack of clarity and tiredness may rule the day, or few days as this transit completes. We can be involved with young people, children, relatives, pets and vehicles. Use caution while traveling or driving. New situations can reveal themselves.

You may be drawn to creativity/spirituality/helping others and water related recreational activities. This is not a good day for important meetings or conversations as confusion may reign.

This transit will play out in the world in the form of water related weather conditions, internet theft and potential hacking, religion or alleged religion, same sex issues, chemical or biological weapons and issues at sea. Speeches, writings and news will come into focus at this time. We can hear news of travel, accidents, transport and young people. All that we hear will not be true or correct.

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