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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A happy trio: Jupiter, Venus and Mercury

Jupiter conjuncts Venus one day out of the year and this occurs Saturday, August 26. Mercury is close by as it is moving very slowly now, almost retrograde. Mercury will conjunct Venus Monday, August 29, and Jupiter becomes part of a stellium in Virgo.
The combination of these three planets is positive and uplifting. 

This trio is good for social activities, love, or anything where you must communicate or interact with others.

If you happen to have Earth or Water sign planets at 27-29 degrees this could prove to be a lucky or very positive few days, something we could all use, especially before Mercury retrogrades and the September eclipses occur.

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter once again August 31-September 3, but Mercury will be retrograde. As Jupiter is grace and benevolence, perhaps we will still feel the positive energy, but retrogrades often act just like the word says-things go backward.

Either way, make use of the positive energy over the weekend as these days occur too seldom. In Virgo these planets are good for outdoor activities, helping others, food and cooking, diets, writing, speaking and any productive activity.

Saturday, August 28 the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune and this is soft creative energy, and by Sunday, the Moon trines the Virgo stellium creating some pleasant  and upbeat energy for a great final weekend in August. Make the most of it!

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