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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Almost Eclipse/Full moon of August

The August Full Moon occurs August 18, peaking at 26 degrees of Aquarius at 5:26 AM, EST.

The NASA website calls this a penumbral lunar eclipse. In any case, viewers on Earth will not be able to see the Earth's shadow on the Moon, hence my title, the "Almost Eclipse." This eclipse grazes the northern boundary of the Earth's penumbral shadow and marks the end of the Saros series 109.

This is a powerful and somewhat exciting Full Moon/lunar eclipse as it sextiles Uranus. The Sun also trines Uranus.

Moon-Uranus transits can bring exciting new ideas, elements and situations into our lives. It can also be a time to break free of things and situations that oppress us and as the Sun forms a trine to Uranus change may be easier now than at other times. We could hear exciting news relating to breakthroughs, medicine, inventions and new technologies and ideas.

Projects you began several weeks ago may be finished or reach a peak at this time.  Other themes and goals you have been pursing for the past six months can be finalized before the September 1, solar eclipse which will begin a whole new cycle of eclipses.

With all the Uranus energy surprising events may occur over the next several weeks. Positive change can occur using originality, creative expressive and new methods of awareness.

Relationships and situations of all types can be rejuvenated by allowing or encouraging personal freedoms and increased self confidence.
Mercury (almost) conjunct Jupiter can bring some type of positive news and a more positive and happier frame of mind. This is positive for travel, communication, or education. It could be a good time to settle any disputes.

As Venus trines Pluto this is a positive time for finances, love and social activities. You or other may express themselves more fully at this time.

Aquarius rules the 11th house of the collective, and groups which can be important at this time. As Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, unexpected events may occur. Aquarius is often connected to revolts and revolutions.

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