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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The solar eclipse in Virgo-tribute to Princess Di

August 31, 1997 we were on the eve of a powerful eclipse just as we are today. As a matter of fact, the solar eclipse tomorrow  is at the exact degree this week, as it was in 1997.  Eclipses repeat themselves every 19 years.

This time the eclipse will be different of course, as we have a different line up of planets in the sky, but events will be large as the Saturn-Neptune square will be 'set off.' Eclipses always bring major events in the world as well as our lives.

But, back to 1997. On August 31, of that year, Princes Diana, 'The People's Princess,' and Princess of Wales was killed in a car wreck in Paris, France. She was with Dodi Fayad, son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, and then owner of London Harrods Department Store. They were rumored to be getting engaged.

The events of this day were tragic, as Diana was the most high profile British royal of the generation.  America loved her and to many of those of my generation she was 'every woman.' In my opinion she will never be matched, and no one comes close to filling her shoes now or since her death. She brought light to the most downtrodden in society, aids, the homeless along with family issues that others in her position did not.

The eclipse of September 1, 1997 fell in a significant place in Diana's chart.

The 8th house is considered the house of death, and the eclipse, along with the Sun and Mercury fell here, close to Pluto. Transiting Pluto was square Mars in her 8th house as well, which can show a violent death.  

I believe at the time of her death, Diana was in a depressed and confused state, and had reportedly broken up with Physician Hasnat Khan.

There is absolutely nothing in her chart that tells me she would have married Fayad, and in time the relationship would have faded. I do believe however, she would have remarried within a few years.

We will never know what the world would be like today had she lived, but what I am certain of is that she would have continued to spread her light of the issues that matter most to the common people.

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