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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mars, Saturn and Neptune-blocked action and lack of clarity

Mars conjuncts Saturn at 9 degrees of Sagittarius August 22-24. It then squares Neptune August 26-27 and this transit sets off the Saturn-Neptune square.  

The definition of Mars-Saturn is 'blocked energy.' Mars-Saturn transits are often irritating, frustrating and can lead to arguments, disputes and endings if it affects your personal chart.

More often than not however, this energy leads to feeling restricted in some way. The energy of Mars is stifled by Saturn's boundaries and heaviness.  It can be hard to express yourself or act, which can lead to more frustration.

The other side of this is extreme anger and, or resentment, which can lead to harshness in relationships, even endings.
The combination of Mars and Saturn often has to do with police or other authority figures, guns and accidents so caution is advised.

Pushing against the tide is not the best way to handle this energy as it will lead to more frustration. Pushing difficult things forward can lead to hitting an even bigger brick wall. The best course of action may be to wait a few days, and go with the flow so to speak until this energy passes rather than attempting to mow down obstacles in your path.

One note about this energy is that it can lend itself to extreme willpower. I'm not telling anyone to give up on their goals, but timing is everything, especially in dealing with other people. This energy could be good for solitary work.

By August 25-26, Mars squares Neptune and the energy will change from frustration to low energy, confusion and at times lack of clarity, fear and melancholy, especially if this hits your personal chart.

Egos can be fragile and situations can seem confusing or even weird. You may feel out of step with others of just 'off your game.' You may feel as though you have run out of steam. Communication is important as situations can get mixed up or confused. Secrets can be kept or revealed at this time, and there may be deception, fraud or subconsciously motivated self destructive tendencies that can come into the equation. Those prone to drugs or alcohol may overdo things during this time, or substances can cause issues for some.

Mars-Neptune can also be related to spiritual or religious experiences, compassion and illumination and this is the highest use of this energy.

This is not a good time to confront someone or take on new and difficult challenges. The best advice is to not set your challenges too high for this week, don't confront others if avoidable, and know this energy will soon pass.

As each of the fast moving planets have entered Virgo they set off the Saturn Neptune square. Venus was the last to do this the weekend of August 13-14, and prior to this Mercury set the square off the weekend of August 6. If these transits affected you, it is likely this one will as well.

The Saturn-Neptune square is confused and convoluted energy and many situations are coming to the forefront now that haven't been working out well. Issues may deal with lies and deception, or even self-deception, or lack of clarity in situations and disillusion.

As we reach the end of September and this square begins to separate many situations in our lives and the world will be revealed for what they really are and the rose colored glasses will come off.

This transit will play out in the world. Mars-Saturn transits often involve police or military action, and as the transit occurs in Sagittarius, this can involve ideas, foreign governments and people. Mars-Neptune involves chemicals, gasses, water related weather incidents and situations, scandals and lies.

In the past we have seen violence, terrorist actions, protests and scandals each time this powerful square becomes exact. While Mars will set this transit off, Saturn and Neptune will remain in an exact square through September 21.

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