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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Coming soon: retrograde Mercury!

Mercury turns stationary retrograde August 30-31 at 29 degrees of Virgo. This will be a powerful retrograde as Mercury is in one of its own signs of rulership. The shadow period of this retrograde began August 10.

Mercury retrograde is often considered a 'fated period,' and often important changes are made during this time. This is a period to re-access and re-do, rather than create new projects.

Mercury turns retrograde 3 or 4 times a year, and generally has a bad name and elicits groans when mentioned.  To an extent this is perfectly understandable, as retrograde Mercury is the planet that causes delays, glitches, breakdowns in computers and equipment, relationships, slowdowns and brings hidden factors to the surface. It is however part of a natural cycle, and this period is meant to recess, redo and reconsider plans and situations in our lives.

Plans can be put on hold, miscommunication can occur, relationships can end or change, and cars, computers and other machinery can break down at the most inopportune moment.

When planets retrograde, their effects on humans are different than when in direct motion. Thinking is deeper, situations often appear to go underground for a time, or change altogether, and sometimes our focus shifts. Mercury retrograde is the most talked about retrograde, because it is a fast moving planet that controls our thinking, speech, travel, and cognitive skills.

When Mercury retrogrades, I always tell people, ‘Mercury retrograde is a wild card.” Sometimes, relationships can be fixed and problems brought out into the open if it is worth saving. Sometimes the karma of a relationship will play out as retrograde cycles are karmic in nature. Expect delays, changes of plans and try and not have situations set in stone.  In other words, prepare to be flexible.  

Mercury retrograde is often a frustrating time to be looking for a job.  Don’t give up though, just keep plugging on and stay on top of all communication. And make sure you are direct and to the point in your communication with others.  If you don’t understand what someone is telling you, by all means ask for clarification.

With this retrograde in Virgo  we need to watch our speech and communication as we may become overly critical or even overly analytical of people and situations, or other people may seem this way to us. Our personal thinking will become more analytical, but we could also become too self-critical.

Virgo rules the 6th house of health and work and it is here we will be focused during this retrograde. Many people may start diets, and re-adjust their lifestyles and exercise as it relates to health and this is a positive use of this energy. Issues at work that weren't dealt with may crop up as well.

While 'stationary retrograde,' or even stationary direct, Mercury is at its most frustrating. this is the point where glitches and changes often occur and it may even be hard to think.

The second most stressful period is when Mercury turns 'stationary direct.' as it prepares to move forward September 23-24. At this point plans may change once again, but after this period things will slowly begin to return to normal.


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  2. Superb guidence & insight! Elegantly wrote precise to the point with no softning at the corners😇
    Love your writings of knowledge about astrology leslie🎆🌈🌹
    Sending love &happy wishes polly😆xx