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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Venus/Saturn: love and reality

During a retrograde Venus, love often takes a significant turn for better or worse, as the planet of love reverses direction.

A retrograde Venus is not limited to romantic love and can affect relationships of all types along with money. Retrograde Venus is karmic in nature. In other words, what will be will be as the planet of love and money reverses direction.

Venus turns stationary direct April 15. Soon it will be moving forward and things can return to normal.

Saturn will square Venus twice. The first time is April 9-13 as it retrogrades. The second time occurs April 18-23 as Venus turns stationary direct. If you have been living with rose colored glasses, they will likely come off at this time. 

Saturn is the planet of reality and it will clash with the planet of love. The retrograde square is likely to be more difficult.

Venus square Saturn can make us feel lonely, rejected or isolated. In some cases if this or something else makes a significant aspect some relationships may end. But this would typically only be the case if the relationship is tottering on the edge.

Issues can come to the surface and be dealt with. Sometimes this coincides with unpleasant circumstances we would prefer to avoid but can't, such as a loved one having surgery (or something else). In cases like this we just plug on and know the transit will pass shortly.

As Venus squares Saturn the second time, love matters can change again. It creates a rough start for Venus as it turns direct. By April 29, Venus enters Aries again where it spent most of February and March. The shadow period of the retrograde Venus will end on May 19, and things will be back to normal. Or if your relationship has changed during this time, the new normal.

This transit will usher in many world events, and is not considered positive for money and financial matters.

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