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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Moon in Cancer: emotions

June's New Moon in Cancer falls at 2 degrees on June 23, peaking at 10:31 PM, EST.

Cancer is the most emotional of signs and rules the fourth house of home and family. You may be concerned with issues surrounding family, home, extended family and emotional issues. You could be dealing with family or emotional issues, working on your home, planning a move, or buying or selling property at this time.

We will have a stellium of four planets in Cancer at this time including the Moon, sun, Mercury and Mars. That's a lot of emotional energy!
Those born under or with water sign planets in their chart will feel more comfortable with this energy than the fire and air signs, who may find it too moody or overly emotional.

Venus trines Pluto and this gives us some positive energy for accomplishment, success and personal expression.

But, this Moon sets off the energy of a major t-square that will be with us well into July. As each of the fast moving planets (Sun, Mercury and Mars) move into Cancer they will square Jupiter, oppose Pluto and square Uranus creating volatile and explosive energies in our lives and the world.
Mars squares Jupiter on this Moon and this is challenging energy that can lead to situations being blown out of proportion. Mountains can be made out of mole hills.

On the other hand it is possible to utilize this energy toward change, and expansiveness, along with new beginnings, especially in the home and emotional life if channeled correctly (and calmly).

This Moon will play out in the world in terms of unsettling, emotional energy and events. In the US it squares the Sun which rules the US President.

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