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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Full Moon, Trump, Hillary, Putin and the US chart

This Month's full moon falls at 19 degrees of Sagittarius, the sign ruling the ninth house of foreign affairs, ideologies, world view and legal matters.

As this Moon occurs on June 9, it will coincide with the testimony  before a Senate panel in the US of James Comey, former FBI Director who has stated that President Donald Trump asked him to 'back off' from his investigation into Russia's interference in the US Presidential election, and Michael Flynn's involvement. According to reports, Comey is not expected to accuse Trump of obstruction.

Donald Trump is a 22 degree Gemini, (Uranus conjuncts his Sun at 17 
degree) with a 21 degree Moon in Sagittarius, and this powerful full moon 'sets off', the natal opposition in his chart. This Moon falls on the 4th-10th house axis in his chart dealing with his foundation, career and reputation.

As this full moon falls his Moon (women, emotional life), it opposes Uranus. This lends an unpredictability to the situation, or how he will react. The Sun at 18 degrees of Gemini also  conjuncts Uranus this day, as well as June 7, and lends further unpredictability to the situation, and instability/changeability in his actions. There are likely to be surprises in some part of the situation, or Comey's testimony will in some way come as a surprise.

By June 11-12, Mars will square Trump's Neptune at 5 degrees of Cancer-Libra, this will be a discouraging issue that will come to light that can involve money, relationships and potentially his friends or children.

As Saturn is retrograde it will soon conjunct his Moon this summer at 21 degrees of Sagittarius (opposing his Sun-Uranus) This will be damaging to his career and reputation, and depressing. His mood will be harsh. Issues could crop up that concern women (divorce?)

The powerful eclipse of August 21, falls in his 12th house, conjunct Mars and many more things will be revealed and come to light at this time or even earlier as a eclipse energy begins at least a month before.
By September, Pluto will square his Jupiter and he will face great opposition that will concern money, lawsuits and relationships.

James Comey is a 22 degree Sagittarius (no birth time). Saturn is currently trine his Uranus at 25 degrees of Leo, which is typically a time of creative balance and Uranus in mundane astrology rules revolutions, upheavals, and reforms and a situation that receives public attention. It rules political revolutions, dissidents, politics and reforms.

Jupiter turns direct June 9, square his Mars. This will coincide with legal issues and battles, ambition, impatience and carelessness. Jupiter rules foreigners and the law. He will face legal opposition.

As summer progresses, Saturn conjuncts his Sun and this is an extended period of stress and personal change. The issue will be far from over after his testimony. The August eclipse falls on Uranus in his chart and at this time many unexpected events will occur.

Hillary Clinton's chart stands out as well, since her natal Uranus falls at 25 degrees of Gemini and Saturn is currently opposing it. This is a stressful transit of upheaval and change. As the full Moon is conjunct her Uranus, the situation will unfold in an unpredictable way, as will her reactions, and like Trumps' chart there is some element of the unexpected.

Jupiter turns direct sextile her Mars which is a transit of expansion, and in the 9th house rules foreign situations, worldview, and legal matters.
It will be a long and somewhat negative summer for her as, like Trump, Saturn will harshly aspect her Moon, and this is typically associated with depressive situations.

Vladimir Putin appears to fare the best on this day, with Jupiter turning direct on his 13 degree Libra Sun, in the 11th house of the collective. This offers a degree of protection.

His chart is not without major problems however, as the month of June is also characterized by Pluto square Uranus in the 9th house of foreign affairs. Uranus here in Cancer, must certainly deal with the US, a Cancer country. But, this is not limited to the US.

Uranus rules unexpected events, twists and turns, and it appears to me Putin sees this as a time of revolution, and he may see himself as an agent of change that would involve foreign matters, especially in the US. June 29-July 3 will be significant days.

Like Trump he has a Sun-Uranus aspect giving him an air of unpredictability and constant upheaval.

The Sagittarius full moon sextiles his three planets in his 12th house, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury.

June will bring unpredictability in his relationships with the US and potentially other countries  and he will face great opposition late summer as Pluto squares his Saturn, which indicates great power struggles and even a potential to use blackmail, or be blackmailed.

The Sagittarius full moon falls in the first house of the US (Sibly) natal chart, putting the focus on the US and enemies. It squares Neptune in the 9th house of foreign affairs/laws, and this relates to scandals, lies, and lack of clarity. There may be a tendency toward incorrect news. (at the time of the post it has been revealed Russian hackers planted fake news stories that caused a rift in international relations with Qatar that involve the US and other Gulf countries).

Mars opposing Venus creates an atmosphere of anger and agitation, especially about and toward those considered open enemies of the Expect more tension June 10-11, and also June 25 and surrounding days.

Jupiter turns direct square the Sun in the US which rules the President, and this signifies legal issues and June 25 will bring significant news.

On June 8,the Moon in Sagittarius will sextile Jupiter (the law) but it will also square Neptune, leaving the public confused with a lack of clarity, and the potential of incomplete, or wrong information.

In a nutshell the public hearings with Comey will be a small part of the equation not the end result.  Summer in the US will be characterized by scandals, lack of clarity, discouragement and unhappiness and unclear or wrong information, which can be deliberate.

During Summer of 1972 when the Nixon scandal began Saturn was in the opposite sign (Gemini) also squaring Neptune that year and in 1983.

More on the full moon, here.

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