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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn

The Gemini Sun moves into an opposition with retrograde Saturn that becomes exact  in the early morning hours Thursday, June 15,  -6:17 EST, to be precise. So the energy will be felt Wednesday into Wednesday night, especially.

For many this will be the daily grind, with the emphasis on grind. Saturn rules obstacles, delays, glitches, get the point.

In addition, this is a tiring transit that can lend itself toward negativity or even depression, and Saturn transits can often generate fear based thinking.
Some things will come to an end, and this can include relationships in some cases. But, this transit alone would not cause an ending, there would have to be more in your personal chart.

This will affect those to a greater degree who have mutable planets-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces at 23-25 degrees. If So, Saturn is already conjunct, squaring or opposing your planet, and the Sun may well 'set off,' the existing Saturn transit bringing significant events.

Things can seem dull and you or others could feel reserved. Many will have low energy or could feel or seem reserved.

The key is that if you feel negative, not to take things too seriously. Some people might do well to spend time alone. You may be able to achieve through work if there aren't delays or interference.

By Sunday, June 18, Mercury will oppose Saturn at 24 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius.

Mercury-Saturn transits can deal with negative thinking and negative communications.

Mercury rules travel, young people, speech and communication. We could hear some negative news.

If the transit on June 13 had a significant affect or hits your chart, this one will as well.

It's important to remember with Mercury and Saturn its important to question your own judgment most of all before you make any serious moves or conversations. By the next day, things will lighten up considerably.

Of course this transit will play out in the world as well. We will likely hear news of politics (Saturn in Sagittarius), or could hear negative information or news.

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