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Monday, June 26, 2017

Powerful and explosive energies through July 4

We have a number of difficult aspects that will begin June 28,(or before) and continue through July 4. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are involved in a t-square that will involve Jupiter (Jupiter expands whatever it touches), and Pluto (power structures, bullies, abuse, breakdowns and change). T-squares are stressful planetary configurations that pull our energy in different directions.

These transits will affect us both on a personal level and on the world stage. The key is to stay aware of what is going on in your life and with other people who surround you. Some people will fare better than others, and those most affected will have Cardinal planets at 15-17 degrees in their personal charts. The Cardinal planets are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

As Cancer rules home and family, home may be a battleground where things can get tense and angry this week, but it is not limited to home. Cancer is also the most emotional of signs.

In times like these it is best to pull in your horns, so to speak. If you confront others, they will confront right back. Save controversial issues for another day (or week). You have been warned. There is potential for success, but it won't come easy over these days.

Use caution, calm and common sense and most people will fare ok, but expect to feel the energy.

June 28, Mercury conjuncts Mars at 15 degrees of Cancer. Mars/Mercury transits are generally indicative of a great deal of mental energy and accomplishment can be made if irritation and anger does not take over. Watch for accidents, especially driving. Mercury rules communication, young people and travel. Many people will seem angry, and some can become abusive.

June 29, Mercury opposes Pluto-This is an argumentative transit that can lead to obsessive thinking and propaganda. You may try and convince others of your viewpoint or vice versa. Again, use caution while driving. Obsessive thinking can be an issue. You may find out previously unknown information.

July 2, Mars opposes Pluto-This is a volatile, if not explosive transit. Use caution in your dealings with others, and chose your approach carefully. There will be a feeling of overall anger in the air. Some things will end at this time. Change is a possibility if you are seeking it. There can be delays and setbacks.

July 4-Mercury squares Uranus-This is prone to unexpected news, and change in plans. Expect the unexpected. If you plan a get together, be flexible.

As these transits play out in our lives, they play out in the world. We are going to see and hear a great many angry people this week, and some of it is likely over the proposed changes in healthcare in the US, but not limited to this.

We may see accidents, and situations involving young people. Mercury-Pluto rules propaganda. Don't automatically believe anything. As Mars opposes Pluto, we may see some type of attack or accident, but I hope I am wrong-the potential is there. Pluto also deals with abuse, the abuse of power, nuclear situations could come into the conversation, not to mention anger and the potential for violence. 

Uranus is the planet of explosions and explosive situations.

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