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Monday, October 15, 2018

Mercury squares Mars: watch your communication!

Mercury squares Mars and Saturn over the next few days and we can expect irritation and the potential of arguments of all types, including written communication. We may have to work harder to maintain harmony in communication, travel, thinking and interaction with others.

The square from Mars to Mercury is exact in mid-day October 19, but the closer we get, the more the energy builds.

When the planet of communication clashes with Mars we can expect frustration, back biting, sarcastic speech, difficulties in communication, irritation over work problems, transportation and travel problems, issues with children or young people, verbal attacks, and in some cases issues with relatives, neighbors and immediate family members. Diplomacy is needed. 

In some instances infectious diseases could be spread such as colds and flus.  At its best there could be a great burst of mental energy on the positive side.

Mercury rules travel, communication of all types, children and young people. This is not a good day to present important ideas. As always we will see this energy play out in the world with a great many angry people and the potential of accidents or volatility.

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