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Monday, October 8, 2018

New Moon in Libra: A potpourri of emotions

Today's new moon in Libra is typically a pleasant moon, but I say typically, because it will square Pluto, before it is over and this can bring up some deep seated issues. Pluto rules the dark and hidden undercurrent.

This week may not be the calmest as Mars is still in a square, or clash with retrograde Venus. Issues relating to relationships and/or money can come up at this time, and we will see some type of scandal in the world, if not more.

This square will not peak until late Wednesday, and this does not mean the energy is completely gone.

On the same day, Mercury opposes Uranus and this can create nervous, tense energy and bring unexpected events. In the collective this could represent another extreme weather related situation.

By Friday, the Sun squares Pluto at 18 degrees of Libra/Capricorn and this is a difficult transit, that can bring hidden issues to the surface, things into the open, and power struggles. Libra does not do well with this sort of thing. This transit will play out in the world as well, as situations being revealed and potential abuses of power.

Those with Cardinal planets (Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn) at 17-19 degrees will be affected to a greater degree.

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