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Friday, October 26, 2018

Venus opposes Uranus: Expect the unexpected

Venus is opposing Uranus and this transit becomes exact October 30/31.

Venus is retrograde in Scorpio and this can relate to money, love and  it can even have a touch of revenge in some cases.

People from the past can suddenly resurface and issues with love and money can take sudden twists and turns.

Some relationships can end at this time if they are unstable anyway.

The other side of this transit is a few days where you do something totally unexpected or unpredictable, and it can work out well.

Astrologers call Uranus unpredictable for a reason, and this transit can go either way.

We will see this transit play out in the collective as well, with more unexpected events and Uranus in mundane astrology is an explosive force, hence the situation we have recently seen with pipe bombs being mailed to two former Presidents and others.

Money could be interrupted again, and we could see large swings in the financial markets.

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