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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October 2018: Venus retrogrades, love takes a turn

As we begin the month of October many things are happening in the world, and in the US one of the most talked about situations is the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, nominee for the Supreme Court.

The testimony of Dr. Ford who has alleged sexual assault 30 some years ago will be a turning point in society, and a significant historical moment now and in the future.

This is because Jupiter is in Scorpio along with Venus at the time of the hearings, Venus was/is on the eve of turning retrograde making it very powerful in the sign it is considered at its detriment in. Venus, the North Node and Mars are and were in a powerful clash stirring up the energies in the collective where powerful men have often taken advantage of their situation with women, perhaps since the beginning of time. This is a societal turning point, and history is being made. But, is society truly ready to change? Only time will answer this question.

October 24, the Sun enters Scorpio and October 11, Mercury enters Scorpio intensifying the 8th house energies, in the collective and our individual lives.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, secrets, change and transformation, and there will be much focus in these areas during October. The eighth house also rules money, taxes, joint finances, lawsuits, debt and other people's money, along with drugs/addiction and death.
he #MeToo movement makes a powerful social statement of our times, and was borne of Venus in Scorpio (among other things). Now, this movement will be re-visited.

As Mars is in Aquarius, it will clash with Venus the first two weeks of October. Mars/Venus squares represent clashes between the male and female sexes. Add to this, Mars' opposition to the North Node, which can bring up past karmic hurts.

Black Moon Lilith has played a role as well. Lilith is recognized in Christianity and Judaism, and falls somewhere in each of our charts.

Interestingly, Lilith is prominent in the chart of both Bill Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh. Lilith is the primal force of feminine sexuality. 

She reflects our inner power and demands resistance to control by outside forces.

The place in your chart where Lilith is located is often a place where hurt can turn to vengefulness if you are not self aware.
Many situations will play out between men and women this month, both on the world stage and in our personal lives. Just as astrology affects the world, it affects us both individually and collectively.
Venus turns retrograde October 5, at 3:05 PM. A retrograde Venus is not the time to get married, have plastic surgery, or buy expensive products related to beauty, or even art as you may not be satisfied when the planet goes direct. Women driven businesses may see lower sales during this time.

Sometimes during a retrograde you can re-connect with those from your past, and other relationships may end during this period. Love energy seems more difficult and with Venus in Scorpio, which is considered at its detriment the worst qualities can manifest such as obsession, secretively, revenge, suspicion and mistrust. that are tottering on the edge may end completely at this time. Situations become revealed for what they are. Other couples however, will reunite or take things to a deeper level.

If you begin a new relationship during a retrograde Venus the love energy may never be totally expressed. The relationship could survive for the duration of the retrograde then shift to another level or end when Venus goes direct. I always liken a retrograde planet to throwing a wild card into the mix.

Venus retrograde is a process. The shadow period when we first began to feel the effects of the retrograde began September 3, when Venus was 25 degrees in Libra. Venus officially retrogrades on October 5, and goes direct on November 16. Another shadow period follows where things are not quite back to normal until December 18.

Venue goes stationary direct at 25 degrees of Libra November 16. If this is aspecting a personal planet in your natal chart you may meet a new love during this time, see an increase in your social life or benefit from some type of Venusian activity: love, beauty, art or money!

Let's take a look at some of the other transits of significance in October.

October 2, Mercury squares Pluto in the evening. This is an obsessive, demanding transit and many people will be trying to get to the bottom of some type of situation. Watch travel and driving, communication problems and arguments. We will see major events in the news. This transit is made even more powerful due to Pluto's direct station on the same day. Many things will begin to move forward in the collective and the individual basis, that include lawsuits, stalled projects, and we may be confronted with dealing with the reality of many situations which can seem overwhelming at times.
October 8, the New Moon falls at 15 degrees of Libra. While Libra is generally positive, this Moon squares Pluto and this can create tension in relationships. Change is possible, especially with retrograde Venus.
October 9, Mercury enters Scorpio bringing the total to three, and we are in the Scorpio season. Communication can become more subversive, and shallow discussions will not satisfy.
October 10, Mercury opposes Uranus. This can be nerve wracking transit prone to sudden and unexpected news. Watch for accidents and communication going off the rails today, and expected the unexpected
Venus also squares Mars today and this is the peak of the recent harsh energy, especially between the sexes, but it is not limited to this. Mars and Venus fall somewhere in everyone's chart so conflict is not limited to romantic situations.  Many people are experiencing stress at this time, and what the stress is over, depends on where these two planets fall in your personal chart.
As this is the peak of the energy, it will soon begin to lighten up. While the energy will remain with us for the next 10 days, it won't be so harsh,
October 12, the Sun squares Pluto. Change is in the air, and this is typically related to power struggles, arguments and it can represent forced change of some sort. If change seems imminent, it is better to go with the flow than to resist.
October 15, Mercury conjuncts Venus and this is typically positive for relationships and business, or social life.
October 19, Mercury trines Neptune and this is a compassionate transit, prone to creativity of all sorts.
October 23, the Sun enters Scorpio and we are in the Scorpio season. The Sun also opposes Uranus and this is indicative of explosive situations, explosions, and sudden change, often in a volatile way. Some things end, and we break away from other things. This will be a big news day.
October 24, the Full Moon falls at 1 degree of Taurus and the Moon is conjunct Uranus. This makes it very powerful and indicative of sudden and unexpected change, and explosive circumstances. If you have fixed planets at 0-2 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, this will affect you on a personal level, so expected change, often unplanned for.
October 26,the Sun conjuncts Venus and this is positive for all types of relationships, social lives and business.
October 27, the Sun conjuncts Saturn. This can be tiring, negative, and prone to dealing with responsibilities.
October 29, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, and this is another positive transit, but prone to tall drinks and tall tales, as Blanche Devereaux might say.
October 31, Mercury enters Sagittarius where it will retrograde in November. Mercurial energy becomes more vivid, fast and exciting in this sign.
Also Venus re-enters Libra where it is considered at home. This will be a change from the Scorpio energy, and the clashes with Mars much of the month. Venus here is more interested in fairness and keeping the peace. Venus also opposes Uranus and this can be an exciting time, or a day when plans go awry. Either way, have a Happy Halloween!

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