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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mercury turns retrograde: Life changing decisions

Mercury is stationary and turns retrograde Thursday, September 17

All of the typical Mercury retrograde warnings apply: expect delays. glitches, and changes. Don't buy large ticket items, sign contracts or start new projects. If you pursue these things during a retrograde, it likely won't work out as planned.

As Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, relationships can come into focus and will. This does not just mean romantic relationships, but relationships of all types.

As Mercury is within a few degrees of squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus, you may hear completely unexpected news. It could be exciting, or intended to change a current situation, good or bad.

Mercury-Uranus typically relates to  communication that may seem to come out of the blue, or you or someone else could suddenly change their mind about something suddenly. As Mercury rules travel and automobiles use caution while traveling or driving. And be careful when sending emails who you are sending them to! You will probably experience a great deal of communication over the next few days.

Mercury-Pluto typically relates to getting to the bottom of a situation, obsessive thinking, arguments, propaganda, and you or someone else could be trying to convince someone of something.

Major changes in thinking can occur at this time in many areas, depending on where Mercury lies in your personal chart. This can be liberating (Uranus) or bring healing, or total breakdown and change (Pluto) that could ultimately be in your best interest.

As Venus is still in its shadow period and moving very slowly, Venus and Mercury will be in a sextile (positive) bringing much conversation, and politeness is a key attribute of this transit over the next week.

Mercury goes stationary direct October 9, at 0 degrees of Libra and will repeat the entire Libra cycle, and remain in this sign through November 1.

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