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Monday, September 28, 2015

October 2015: Change ahead

While the eclipse season is behind us, the lunar eclipse in Aries on September 27, as well as the Virgo solar eclipse of September 13, we will continue to create changes in our lives and the world as we move through October and the end of 2015. As Mercury is retrograde at the start of the month, events connected to this eclipse will continue to play out in our lives, especially if either eclipse hit a sensitive point in your personal chart.

As we begin the month, Mars is in Virgo, and Venus will soon leave Leo for Virgo (October 8) and things will take on a more serious tone than what we experienced this summer. Both Mars and Venus have been in Leo since early August, and for the most part Venus has been in Leo since June. This has created an atmosphere for entertainment, flashiness and in some ways life in the US has been like a reality TV show. Of course I am speaking of Donald Trump, a candidate for US President, and the constant news headlines he has garnered. As the planets shift into Virgo, people will want more than entertainment and flashiness, they will want substance and will act with more discernment if not criticism. It will be interesting to see if 'the summer of Trump,' continues into the fall, and if Mr. Trump is able shift with the changing planetary energies. When Venus enters Virgo that gives us a stellium of three planets here and you will see what I mean soon, as the energy shifts.

With both of the planets of love in Virgo this is an excellent time for earth signs to find love, especially Taurus or those with a Taurus ascendant.

As the fast moving planets enter Virgo, entertainment will no longer suffice and I don't just mean in politics. Virgo is more discerning, practical and interested in work and results. As Virgo rules the 6th house work will take center stage, and I expect more than a few will start new diets and workout programs. Now will be the time.

As Pluto turned stationary direct September 26, we will start to see people's real motivations revealed, and the point it goes stationary direct is often most important time of the cycle, and we could say the energy of this powerful planet “wakes up.” It energizes any planets that are around it and intensifies their effect as well. Pluto will be ‘stationary direct,’ until October 7, when it begins to slowly move forward once again.

The stationary direct period is when the energy seems most intense.  On a personal level you could go through some type of ‘rebirth’ process, or change of circumstances, and we will see many events unfold on the world stage. Many partnerships and situations in the financial and business world that have been delayed will start to move forward again.
"The direct motion of Pluto will bring a lot of things out of the unconscious and force us to deal with many issues that have been pushed into the shadows. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact the reversal of the planets demands that we internalize the energy for a while, and then externalize the changes we have incorporated during that retrograde period. Just be prepared to hear things that you may have been just as glad to keep hidden. Don’t be afraid. Tis better to know the truth than fall upon it unexpectedly.”-Mitch Lewis

Jupiter trines Pluto this month, and this energy will be powerful the first several weeks of October and this energy peaks on October 11. This is powerful and positive energy, for all but especially those involved with groups, corporations and the public. Exactly how this energy manifests individually depends on where these planets are in your personal chart. Jupiter in Virgo works well for any kind of practical work, and Pluto in Capricorn concerns business. Now is the time to seek a new job or push for expansion in your own world. This will work best for those with Earth planets at 10-14 degrees.

October 6, the Sun squares Pluto at 13 degrees Libra-Capricorn and this is a transit of change/ transformation. Control and control issues, along with power struggles may come to light and situations can be revealed. On hard Pluto transits there are always those 'bullies' who try and force their way both in the world and in our personal lives. Push someone and they will push back. Look for significant news in the world between the powers that be, that can include threats.
Also on October 6, Mars opposes Neptune. This is tiring, discouraging and can be prone to deception, and unclarity. This is not a good day for important matters or to start new projects. If you were affected by Jupiter opposing Neptune the week of September 17, this transit will affect you personally. This will affect anyone with mutable planets-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces at 6-9 degrees.  Issues can come up connected to work, region and philosophies and in other areas.

This will be a significant day in the world. Mars-Neptune can be connected with sex, same sex relationships, scandals, military or police affairs, religion, water issues and sometimes chemical weapons. Matters can be unclear, and all you hear will not be correct or true. Take a step back if something sounds too good to be true-it probably is. People in general will not feel strong or confident, and it is very low and tiring energy. Alcohol or drug abuse or over indulging may occur on this day to those prone toward this.

If you have mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) from 6-8 degrees it would be wise to pay attention and see what area of your life the Mars-Neptune transit affects. In November, the  Saturn-Neptune square will become exact at 7 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces and this transit will affect anyone with planets at this degree. This will be a significant transit that will bring many changes in our lives and the world.

October 8, Venus enters Virgo-Love energy changes after a long transit through Leo. At this point Venus also comes out of its post retrograde shadow period and starts to move at a normal rate of speed. Any problems you experienced through the summer should be resolved now, one way or another. Venus in this sign is more discerning but it can also be picky and overly critical and this can affect any social relationship.

October 9, Mercury turns stationary direct. Many issues that have been delayed can start to move forward now, but it's the stationary period over the next few days where changes occur once again, mistakes get made, surprises appear and another change of direction can take place. Mercury is very powerful at this point. I would not start new projects for at least 4 or 5 days, and if you want to make certain they succeed, the shadow period of this cycle will last until October 24. At that point Mercurial energy returns to normal.

October 10, Venus squares Saturn and this is a negative aspect for love and social activities. Activities at home might be better favored or sometimes connecting with those from your past. Not a good day for financial activities, important meetings or dates.

October 11, Jupiter trines Pluto, exact. The energy will continue to be apparent for a few weeks, but waning.

Also, on October 11, the Sun opposes Uranus and this can be explosive energy especially if it aspects cardinal planets in your own chart at 16-18 degrees (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries). This is energy to be careful with, avoid potential accidents or dangerous situations on this day. Be careful in your relationships with other people and as Uranus rules freedom, some things will come to an end, and this is a day some will want to break free of any situation that is oppressive, and some people in relationships will simply want freedom on this day.

This transit will play out in the world in terms of sudden and unexpected events. Uranus can be connected with weather events, earthquakes, airplanes, explosions and shocking events. These few days will be very powerful and we can experience unsettling events in our lives and in the world.

October 12, a New Moon occurs at 19 degrees of Libra, and following in yesterdays footsteps this moon opposes Uranus. Libra rules marriage and relationships of all types.  Moon opposing Uranus can bring unexpected events and situations emotionally, with women and from other sources. Uranus rules freedom, the unexpected and unusual. Some things and situations may suddenly end and change at this time. While Uranus is associated with sudden and shocking events, those things that are unstable (especially relationships) may be the ones that end. This Moon is the companion new moon to the solar eclipse in Aries that affects the 1st/7th houses of relationships.
In the world we could see sudden and shocking events that become changeable, and relationships may be in the news along with separations. Uranus is associated with aircraft, weather, explosions, coups and sudden changing events.

October 13, Mercury sextiles Saturn and this will bring some more stability after the new moon, solid thinking and better communication.

October 15, Mars trines Pluto This transit is associated with intensified energy and willpower and leadership and constructive accomplishment. Progress can be made.

October 16, Venus opposes Neptune If the transit of October 6, affected you personally, this one will as well, along with anyone with mutable planets in their natal charts at 6-8 degrees. Venus-Neptune can seem romantic and stimulate the imagination, but it is in fact, deceptive and you shouldn't trust statements or declarations made on this day. Situations can be revealed that were previously unknown, and confusion can occur. It is better to be skeptical and err on the side of caution in all matters than to trust this energy which is misleading. We could hear news of scandals, theft of all sorts, or out and out lies.

October 17, Mars conjuncts Jupiter Both Mars and Jupiter can relate to male energy and at time this can be considered lucky, or things may be blown out of proportion. At times this transit can be fanatical.

October 22, Mercury squares Pluto This transit can be considered obsessive, and many will try and push their viewpoints on others. Communication problems can occur along with arguments.  We can find things out that were not known. This is the third and final pass of this transit, the last one occurred on September 24-25. At that time we witnessed several major accidents including the death of 700 people on a religious pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in a stampede. The US House Speaker resigned. We can expect more events this time, and you should use extra caution traveling and driving as this is accident prone, and Mercury rules young people.
October 23, Venus trines Pluto Feelings can be deeper along with expression of feelings.

Also on this day, the Sun enters Scorpio for the next 29 days. Scorpio is deeper and the most intense of signs and associated with the 8th house of rebirth and death, debt and other people's money.

October 25, Mercury opposes Uranus As the fast moving planets enter Libra they will all oppose Uranus and Square Pluto and this is no exception. Again, like the other contract we have seen to Uranus this month, Mercury-Uranus concerns sudden if not shocking news and revelations, especially if this aspects a cardinal planet in your chart. It is best to use caution while driving, especially as Mercury rules vehicles along with pets and young people.

October 27, a full moon occurs at 3 degrees of Taurus. This moon may be calmer than the last few. Taurus rules the second house of earned income and money. While any full moon should be treated with respect (the Sun opposes the Moon) and this typically hypes up the energy and things can bet blown out of proportion, but Taurus is generally fairly grounded. Of course, it depends on what is happening in your personal chart.

October 30, the Sun trines Neptune, and this is a pleasant transit that may go by without notice. Psychics should benefit greatly or any spiritual pursuit.

October 31, Happy Halloween!

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