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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dissolving realities and changing times again: Saturn square Neptune, November 2015-2016

Saturn entered Sagittarius September 17, where it will remain until December 2017. Saturn changes signs about every two and a half years, and as it transits through our personal chart it generally shows us the areas we will see both challenges, and gains. However challenging, it can also represent some of our most concrete realized goals as well. Saturn gives us structures and boundaries in our lives on the positive side, and challenges on the negative end. Saturn affects us personally, and as a collective.

Saturn first dipped its toes into the sign ruled by Jupiter on December 23, 2014 for the first time in 30 years, having last transited this sign 1985-87. It  remained here until June 16, 2015 when it transited back into Scorpio for a final three months,  entering Sagittarius again September 17, 2015 until December 20, 2017. Saturn will square Neptune (and Chiron) and oppose Jupiter in 2016 and this transit will re-occur several times Between November 2015 and September of 2016.

Sagittarius is the sign ruling the ninth house of education, foreign affairs and world view. Many of our views  and viewpoints will change with this Saturn placement both on an individual and the collective level. Of course, how it affects you personally will depend on which house of your personal chart it falls in.

Saturn squares Neptune  becoming exact at 7 degrees Sagittarius-Pisces November 27-December 4, 2015. Many events and situations related to this square will become apparent before the square becomes exact and after. If this transit aspects your chart you should have an idea as to what it may bring before the transit becomes exact. Seldom do Neptune or Saturn bring shocking surprises, but rather the effects of these planets become apparent, or should be apparent before it becomes exact most of the time if you are paying attention to what is really going on.

While Saturn rules our structure, Neptune transits tend to dissolve situations over time. Structures, situations and relationships  may begin to dissolve into something else if this is aspecting your personal planets. As Neptune dissolves that which we consider our structure some things may come to an end, especially if this aspects a personal planet in your chart.

During this period we could experience an uncomfortable time where situations, ideas or even people dissolve from our lives and the new has not yet emerged. The old will fade away to make room for the new but it will not happen overnight. This could affect any area of your life, depending on where this transit aspects your chart: which planet and what house it occupies. As this is mutable energy, circumstances can change and evolve into something different.

The resulting changes  can cause confusion and lack of clarity, depression and discouragement for a time until the new replaces the old and you regain your clarity and confidence. The thing to do is to remember that life is ever changing, evolving and growing, and if something or someone you consider of value disappears, its time had come, and there is better ahead. Typically there are warning signs all along if you have been paying attention. If you look at the signs, this becomes a period that can be seen as the inevitable conclusion to an ongoing situation that was riddled with problems to begin with. If it is meant to last, you will go through a period of discouragement followed by renewal on a stronger level.

This transit can bring to the fore issues with addictions of all types, and the time may be at hand to get control of unhealthy impulses that deny real happiness and growth.
As Neptune squares Saturn you may experience some time of real emotional growth or deep awakening that can show you the truth you seek, or lead you in a new direction. It is after all, the truth that actually sets us free. With the truth you discover you can develop a new focus and direction. Never underestimate the ultimate illumination that the combination of Saturn and Neptune can bring. While Neptune rules the thoughts-either true or untrue- that run through our subconscious mind, Saturn brings reality home, and for some this can be a positive experience that can lead to a new and better direction in life and more authentic living.

Sometimes Neptune transits coincide with lies, deceit and even false accusations. If this is the case, know this energy will not last forever and keep your faith in yourself, and there are time that it is good to remember that from a spiritual standpoint what is happening now may end a situation and lead to bigger possibilities with something else in the future that you couldn't have envisioned.

On another level this transit may help to give concrete realization to long held dreams and during this period they may take form after a period of time and through a great deal of hard work  and effort.(Saturn) The fantasies, (Neptune) or dreams you hold may be made into reality through the hard work of Neptune, and with work and persistence it is possible to combine the energies of the two into a concrete result.

That said, Saturn and Neptune don't easily mix. Saturn builds structure through hard work, while Neptune dissolves. Saturn tells us to work hard while Neptune dissolves situations and says take the easy way out or find an escape, so the two planets are in conflict. My advice, if you are trying to build something is to stick to the work, which will pay off in the end without cutting corners. Personal sacrifice is generally in order with Neptune transits, and Saturn can delay results.

There can be a spiritual element to this transit as Neptune rules religion, compassion and that which is hidden and unknown. Saturn can bring structure, where there as none and the new can be born on the ashes of the past. You may feel a desire to help others or be drawn into some idea or cause. In September (2015) when Jupiter opposed Neptune the Pope visited America and spoke on many things Americans were interested in. It was during this period we saw a new focus on the Syrian refugees, as Germany opened their door to thousands of them. While this transit is fading, Saturn will now take the place of Jupiter, and we may experience some type of 'concrete vision,' as to how we may be drawn to help others.

Some of those who will be affected by this transit were born February 25-30, May 
27-June 1, August 29-September 3, and November 28-December 2. Others affected will be born in the Neptune in Sagittarius  generation,  1973-74,  many born late 1960- the first half of 1962 with Pluto in Virgo at 6-10 degrees, or anyone with a mutable planet between 5-9 degrees this year. You can ask an astrologer if this affects you, or there are many places on the internet to generate a free chart.

Bill Cosby and Saturn-Neptune Part 11

Saturn squared Neptune during the early part of 2015, although it did not become exact. One individual that stood out as an example during the early part of 2015 was TV personality Bill Cosby.  During this period many woman came forward accusing him of rape that goes back many years. In a podcast at the beginning of this year, I stated that when Saturn approaches his Venus again we would hear more from his accusers. At the time of this post, October 2015, Cosby is slated to testify in court in the case of accuser Judy Huth who claims he forced her into sex acts when she was 15.

Cosby has a Venus at 4 degrees of Gemini, so Saturn opposed his Venus during the first few months of 2015, and Neptune squared it. As this transit fell directly on his Venus, (women and money) news from his past (Saturn), or alleged news (the rapes are not proven) continued to multiply along with the number of women stepping forward with allegations.

Prior to early 2015 as Neptune squared his Venus there were women who accused him of the same crimes, but it took  Saturn to hammer the point, so to speak, and at this time there are as many as 30 women claiming he sexually abused them.
As Saturn and Neptune has formed a T-square with his Venus (a T-square is a difficult transit that combines the energy of all three planets) he has lost a great deal of money in endorsements, and his reputation is ruined, along with his career. Saturn and Neptune in combination have a funny way of bringing up past misdeeds. As we approach the end and Saturn and Neptune come together in an exact square, look for more news concerning Cosby to come to light.

I can say with certainty this TV icon will never be viewed in the same light as he was in the past after this transit passes. This is just one example of the way this transit can bring change, but this is an extreme example, he is a known public figure and this is not the only transit in his chart. It will not be this dramatic in everyone's chart and life if you have this aspect. But, if you do have it, inevitable change will occur.

Changes in the World Part111

On the collective many ideas will dissolve, change forms or prove ineffective. Solutions that prove to be ineffective or less than ideal may crop up, and politicians and leaders will have a hard time coming up with solutions that fit the problem. We will see scandals and misinformation.

Sagittarius' planetary ruler is Jupiter, and Jupiter concerns money, ideals,  education, the medical field, religion, churches, young men, governments and laws and foreign associations. Ideas and education will change and evolve in our own lives during this cycle of Saturn,  and on the collective scale and in the world. We will see changes in education, churches and political scandals and issues over laws and many other things.

Religion and government views, laws, education and our world views  will come to the forefront, and Saturn in this sign will represent a conflict between extremist religious viewpoints, and those of others as its squares Neptune.

This conflict will not be limited to ISIL and the sharia law they embrace, but can include extremely conservative Christian groups and others, and we will see many conflicts around the globe, and not all of the conflicts will relate to religion.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet connected to money and finance. As Saturn defines and in most cases limits whatever it touches we could see changes in money and the financial world, and those things connected to it.

Lest we forget, the last time Saturn transited Sagittarius, Black Monday occurred October 19, 1987. If you are too young to remember this, on this day the US market lost 22 per cent in one day and what followed was a period of wild swings in the market. Saturn was about half way through its cycle at 17 degrees, when this occurred.

Saturn's prior transit through Sagittarius, 1956-1958, produced an 8 month recession from August of 1957- April of 1958. October of 1926-1927, when Saturn transited Sagittarius a recession occurred that lasted 13 months, as Saturn left Scorpio and moved into Sagittarius December of 1927. Prior to this cycle, the Panic of 1896 occurred during the years 1985-87 as Saturn transited through the end of Saturn in Scorpio and into Sagittarius. So, you can clearly see a pattern of restricted finances as Saturn transits the sign ruled by Jupiter.

As Jupiter squared Saturn summer of 2015 (August) the Chinese currency was devalued and we have seen a ripple effect throughout the world. Saturn will oppose Jupiter in March-May of 2016, and this becomes part of a T-square that also involves Neptune, and this can have a similar effect. Astrologer Mitch Lewis wrote, " Historically this is a period of lackluster growth and recession. I expect that to be the case this time as well. Because of the square to Neptune it may be a very harsh recession indeed. I’m hopeful that there is sufficient financial support underneath to prevent a crash or depression. And because of some decisions that were made seven years ago America may avoid the worst of it. But we rely on our interrelationship with other nations to continue to spur our economy. If there is no market for our exports, our economy will shrink as well.

The underlying problems, such as low wages, the vastly disproportionate distribution of wealth, a growing homeless problem, and the collapse of the middle class worldwide will continue to have serious consequences on the equity markets and further damage the beleaguered middle class as our retirement funds take a beating and our buying power is repressed. So much will depend upon who we elect to run the country in 2016. As history has shown, periodically there is a crossroads in an election year that defines our nation’s direction for years to come. 2008 was one. This is another. The confusion and weirdness surrounding the coming presidential election is another example of the Saturn-Neptune square. There’s nothing clear or obvious about the candidates, and we will see many more surprised before this is resolved."

Saturn squared Neptune for the first time late January-early February 2015 at 4-6 degrees. For a moment we got a feel of what this transit will bring. We saw an escalation of violence among Boko Haram, with hundreds being killed, along with numerous other terrorist acts committed in the hot spots of the globe, and as this square becomes exact in November I fear we will see many more.

Lack of clarity as to what is actually going on, misguided actions, and incorrect information, lies and misrepresentation may be problematic as well.

Politics, governments, and laws will all be affected and we may see water shortages and problems with water and the ocean, scandals in the church, and the spread of disease among other things, that could become an issue during this cycle, but with Saturn in the picture many cures may be found to existing and future diseases.

Religion will come into focus, especially of the fundamentalist types and this will be a global issue. Many people may feel spiritually bankrupt at this time and religion may take on new meaning for others whose delusions can lead them down a path of no return. 

Others will find deeper meaning and peace in their faith and can experience this as a type of spiritual turning point.

Another situation we will deal with globally is the mass exodus of refugees from Syria and other war torn regions. As these lost souls exit regions where there are doomed to poverty and potential death some borders are closing. The last time we saw these numbers of refugees was WW11. If we cannot deal with these individuals as a collective, what can we deal with?


  1. I posted a link to your blog on my blog Whole Astrology. Thank you for your in depth report on the Saturn Neptune square. It's so nebulous and a challenge to explain but I think you do a good job.