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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mercury, Pluto and Uranus: obsessions, control and unexpected changes

Mercury squares Pluto October 22, but this energy will be apparent the day before and after. This may make for a rough midweek, as this transit is obsessive, argumentative, overly intense and prone to finding out things you might wish you hadn't. This will be third and final pass of this transit, the others occurred on September 9, and 24.

Frequently when a retrograde Mercury occurs, Mercury will conjunct, square or oppose something, we will experience the same transit two or three times. If you remember situations or incidents that occurred on the above mentioned dates, this square may bring up the same or a similar issue. Pluto is the bully, and this transit can bring them out, or someone may try to convince you of something. A cool, calm and peaceful attitude will get you through the day better than the alternative. Or you could encounter other stressed out and argumentative people in your immediate environment.

Sometimes this transit can cause us to focus on a situation to such an extent-in this case relationships-it is hard to let go of the thought pattern. If you push someone's buttons they will likely push back. This may be a good quote for the day to remember: "Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle."


Mercury typically involves relatives, younger people, children, communication of all kinds, vehicles and automobiles. This is a day to be cautious driving or traveling.


By October 25, Mercury opposes Uranus and this transit can be very changeable mentally, or you could hear unexpected news. Again Mercury rules vehicles and travel, and I would use extreme caution here. Ideas may be impractical, nervous energy can be prevalent along with unexpected disruptions and ideas or people may prove unreliable or changeable. This not a good day to make plans that can't be changed. Some people may have a complete change of plans and the day may not go as you expect.

As Mercury sets off the Uranus-Pluto square which is moving closer together again, we will likely see big developments in the world, and important news that could involve accidents, nuclear situations or threats, travel or young people. We are coming into a stressful time in the world again as we approach the end of the year, where events will be large as the Uranus-Pluto square will makes its final transit in January 2016.


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