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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Donald Trump:Cracks in the foundation

August of 2015 I wrote that after a period of time and a stretch of luck with Jupiter in Leo/Virgo Donald Trump would encounter serious obstacles to his candidacy.
While Trump appeared to be made of Teflon for months, until now his chart showed little signs of major obstacles that could challenge his position as frontrunner.

Last year, I wrote, "Pluto will square his Jupiter in his second house of money/income and Jupiter-Pluto transits can coincide with lawsuits and certainly monetary losses. These transits often make a person ambitious, and at times believe they can operate at a different level from others. Religious, financial and other power plays can occur along with the potential to use dishonorable means to achieve status."

"Jupiter rules the Republican party and as Pluto is squaring it there will be an increased powerful (Republican) backlash against him. He will make many enemies during this time, and could leave the Republican party if he becomes frustrated enough. He could potentially destroy the Republican party, at least in terms of having an electable candidate for 2016."

"Unexpected events will arise, possibly lawsuits or money obstacles, and this will be a period of struggles and surprising twists and turns, that may determine the outcome of his candidacy. "

At the time I wrote this I was looking at both Uranus and Pluto aspecting Trump's Jupiter, and Jupiter also rules  expansion, morals, and foreign people and affairs and at times unbridled optimism. In the early part of the year Uranus opposed his Jupiter and this laid the foundation for what is occurring now as Pluto squares his Jupiter, becoming exact March 6-June 3. This transit shows those who oppose Trump's ideas and plans, and it could eventually involve money, his taxes and even lawsuits, connected with his opponents in the Republican party or others. Individuals with this transit often become arrogant, and believe they are above the law, acting as though their views are the only ones that matter, and herein lies the problem that comes as a result of clashes with others.

Pluto represents some very powerful enemies at odds with Trump.  On March 3,  former Governor Mitt Romney gave an anti-Trump speech calling him a phony and a fraud and appeared to endorse the idea of a brokered convention, followed by a similar statement from Senator John McCain. Romney previously called for Trump to release his taxes to the American Public. There will be many others who publicly oppose him.

While Trump's supporters are vehement in their support, his enemies and those who oppose him are equally vehement. Trump has the ability to polarize people much like Newt Gingrich did.  It will be those in the Republican party itself that have the power to cost Trump his candidacy.

Saturn is opposing Trump's Uranus March-mid April. Saturn-Uranus transits can cause reversals in fortune at their worst, and unexpected obstacles at the very least.
Uranus falls in Trump's tenth house of career and reputation and shows a unique career that involves media and television. Uranus represents the ability in life to keep your perspective free, unfettered and moving toward new possibilities. When Saturn opposes it, structures or people will interfere with plans and this can result in a complete change of circumstances.

The April solar eclipse fell in Trump's 7th house of open enemies, and squares Uranus, along with the Sun, bringing sudden and unexpected disruptive circumstances. The eclipse actually becomes part of a grand cross, which is a difficult aspect (a grand cross is two oppositions at 180 degrees each that form an x in the chart and four 90 degree squares) that will involve all of the cardinal houses in the chart that are most important.

 Jupiter in the first house will oppose the eclipse/Sun in the 7th (enemies), and Saturn in
the 4th house (foundation) will oppose Uranus in the 10th.(career-reputation). The Sun/eclipse in the 7th (enemies) squares Uranus in the 10th,(media, reputation, career) which squares Jupiter in the first (self) which squares Saturn in the 4th.(restrictions to basic foundation). This transit activates the most important house in his natal chart.

A grand cross involving Uranus is like a keg of gunpowder that can explode at any time. Each house and planet is engaged and you are generally fighting on more than one front. As this grand cross is mutable, events and situations can become changeable as it moves along.

March 8-25 is pivotal as Jupiter squares Trump's Uranus, and forms a square to transiting Saturn.  Many things can change during this time. Once again he will have to fight on several levels.

As we move through March and into April, Neptune becomes prominent in Trump's chart opposing his ascendant. Neptune transits like this are extremely discouraging, and actions can become confused and unclear. As the 7th house rules both close partnerships and open enemies (along with courts), it is here problems and obstacles can occur. Those who were once close can reveal themselves as an enemy and use underhanded tactics. With Pluto square his Jupiter the opposition will be fierce and it will not be what Trump may anticipate. Nothing can be taken at face value. Lawsuits could even crop up, but luck may not be on his side.

I look for the Republican convention in July to be brokered or in some way different from the norm, and for those who oppose Trump to create fierce opposition both before the convention and during that will seriously undermine his campaign. If he attends as the  Republican convention as frontrunner there is nothing in his chart that is anywhere close to a guaranteed outcome for Trump's success, and his astrology shows it is doubtful he is the nominee.

This is a strange year with  Saturn square Neptune. Many issues that include the Presidential election will change and not be what we anticipate. Expect the unexpected and do not assume anything is what you think it is. Look at the changes in frontrunners that have already occurred. Stay tuned, there is more to come!

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