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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 2016: the eclipse season and the Jupiter-Saturn square

During the month of March:
2 eclipses occur in Pisces and Libra

The Sun moves from Pisces to Aries and spring equinox occurs March 20.

Mercury (communication) moves through three signs-Aquarius, Pisces and Aries.

Venus (love and money) moves from Aquarius to Pisces.

Mars (Men, action) moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

Jupiter (luck, money) retrogrades around the middle of its cycle in Virgo and clashes with Saturn but makes a positive aspect to Pluto.

Saturn (restrictions, stability, lessons) turns retrograde and squares Jupiter.

Neptune in Pisces moves closer to a powerful T-square with Jupiter and Saturn that occurs in May.

Pluto crosses the mid-point of its long decade plus cycle in Capricorn.

First the eclipses: Eclipses are powerful astrological events and often reveal things previously unknown or we change course in some way. Typically endings occur on lunar eclipses and new beginnings on solar eclipses but it can the other way around.

While an eclipse hitting a sensitive point in your chart can bring negative situations to light, eclipses can also bring positive change. An eclipse is like a light post in the dark, showing us the way, and the path of what it's to come. The energy of an eclipse can go for months, and in some cases years to come, revealing what our focus will be not only during the eclipse but over a longer period of time. An eclipse is a wild card in many respects and can usher in dramatic events. Some things end and new things begin. An eclipse can bring an unexpected event, or things outside your personal control that can coincide in a new direction.

The first solar eclipse falls at 18.56 degrees of Pisces, the natural ruler of the 12th house.
The Pisces eclipse opposes Jupiter and things can get blown out of proportion. Jupiter rules expansion, money, the law and foreign people and affairs. As it squares Saturn we may feel engaged in responsibilities or overwhelmed. Pisces/Neptune rule 12th house matters-things secret and hidden, what lies in our deep subconscious and drugs, addictions, and creativity. It is important to view things in a clear and logical manner at this time.

The second lunar eclipse falls at  3.17 degrees of Libra on March 23, peaking at 8:01 AM, EST. Libra is the sign ruling relationships, marriage and partnerships of all kinds. This eclipse opposes Mercury which rules communication, travel, young people and pets, and the Sun is conjunct Mercury as well. This creates an agitating energy ripe for debate or arguments.

Jupiter is square Saturn, exact on March 23. Jupiter squares Saturn for the first time this year March 19-26. This transit can seem restrictive, especially if it aspects something in your personal chart. This transit can bring lawsuits or legal difficulties, endings and changes, and can represent a poor time to expand affairs. Business situations or other matters may reach a culmination during this time. There could be missed opportunities if you aren't careful. This transit is most important in mundane astrology (the study of world affairs through astrology) as typically it represents a downturn in economies. Jupiter squares Saturn again the latter part of May, becoming part of a mutable t-square with Neptune, which will indicate another major shift in the world and the way we view situations.

Jupiter-Saturn is one of the ten Major planetary cycles. This cycle goes from conjunction to conjunction, and the last cycle began in May of 2000, in Taurus, the natural ruler of the second house of earned income, possessions and money.  Since that time we have seen massive changes in the financial world. In June of 2006, Jupiter was in a square to Saturn at 9 degrees, Scorpio/Leo and at this time many analysts were pointing to a bubble in the housing market that would become the crash of 2008. Another square occurred in October of that year at 23 degrees. In 2011, (March) Jupiter opposed Saturn at 14 Libra-Aries, and it was at this point that Greece was feeling the debt crisis and the International Monetary Fund was  signing off billions of Euros to Ireland Portugal and  Italy. Greece agreed to extreme austerity measures once again on the eve of the Jupiter-Saturn square of 2015, driven by Germany, and this situation will be played out between now and when the next conjunction occurs in 2020, when we will begin this cycle again in Capricorn.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been considered of greatest importance in shaping history and these two planets have been called the 'chronocrators of the ages.' Nicholas Champion wrote, "There cycle can be considered the ground base of human development, which makes the interaction between perception of human ideas, potentialities, possibilities and their manifestation in the concrete material world. As noted under the interpretation of the conjunction this pair has a great deal to do with the development and evolution of social structures and a sense of corporate national identity. Barbault makes a compelling case for the dominance of this cycle in the unfoldment of European history so that each phase of this cycle appears to mark out a relatively clear pattern of development year after year."
Case in point to the above is the recent and continuing financial turmoil in Greece that escalated in 
 2015. When Jupiter squared Saturn (summer 2015) China devalued its currency.

In 2015 on the eve of this powerful square we saw the normalization of relations and raising of the US flag once again in Cuba, which the US has had no relations with for nearly 50 years.  
 Many important events will occur during this cycle and we will see major clashes between political parties, and the potential of violence and recession  around the globe. All in all many situations will be re-accessed that include foreign relations, laws, and finances. As this is an election year friction between parties will become even greater and the economy will play a role in the election. We could see issues concerning terrorism.
Jupiter will square Saturn for the second time late May, but this time it will become part of a t-square with Neptune. A T-square involves the energies of three planets instead of two.

Saturn retrogrades March 24-August 13, and this is part of its annual cycle. If Saturn retrogrades at a critical point in your chart, this can indicate major change or challenges if it is making a harsh aspect. If it is a positive aspect you can see a slowdown in expansion, or adopt a more conservative attitude at this time.

As Saturn is the planet of karma major events can play out in your life while retrograde. Saturn retrograde is typically more difficult, and Saturn usually makes three passes when it aspects a planet in your personal chart. I always tell clients the retrograde period is the most difficult in a harsh aspect.
Retrograde Saturn is not the ideal time to start a business. We may feel more restricted in whatever area Saturn is transiting through our chart, or more anxiety and fear.
Saturn retrograde can double up our determination however, and for some it's a great time to lose weight!

Now, for the daily transits!
March 2,  Venus sextiles Uranus and love or social activities can be more exciting. You may crave exciting adventures, and it can greatly help in financial and business matters.

March 5-6 Mercury squares Mars. First March 5, Mercury squares Mars in Aquarius-Scorpio and as Mars changes signs  along with Mercury it will square Mars again in Pisces-Sagittarius the next day (6th). Be careful driving and you could experience problems in communications, hear unwelcome news or get into an argument if you aren't careful Watch kids, pets and driving.

March 5, Mercury enters Pisces. As Mercury rules speech and communication its placement in the most ethereal of signs can cause misunderstandings or unclear communication. Keep good records, back up your computer and re-read what you write. Great for creative types and psychics!
Also on March 5,  Mars, the planet of action and ego enters the sign Jupiter rules: Sagittarius. If you are a Sagittarius you will become very busy. As this is a fire sign you may feel compelled to move things forward in a big way, or things can get overblown. Bear in mind however, that Mars will retrograde next month and changes can occur. As Mars is moving very slowly now, Mars transits that occur in your personal chart can take on greater significance.

March 6, the Sun squares Saturn. This is a tiring and somewhat negative transit, and you may feel overwhelmed or pressured, or even overworked. The effects will be felt more Saturday night than all day Sunday. this may not make Saturday night the time for fun, but it will pass by Sunday afternoon.
Also on March 6, the Sun sextiles Pluto as the Sun square Saturn moves on.  This is a positive transit for getting things done and working with others. Pluto is never superficial.

March 8, the Sun opposes Jupiter. This is overall positive although things can be blown out of proportion.

March 8, solar eclipse occurs at 18.56 degrees of Pisces.

March 11, Mercury conjuncts Neptune. This can be a confusing transit, discouraging or low energy for some. Be clear in all communications, and at times things and situations can be revealed with this aspect.

March 12, Venus enters Pisces. This is a romantic transit and works well for water and earth signs. Venus here is much softer than in Aquarius, and is a great time for Pisces. Venus only transits your personal sign once a year.

March 14, Mercury squares Saturn. This can be a negative, depressing and argumentative transit. Sometimes we get bad news if it aspects your personal chart. It is good for reaching conclusions, research and making decisions if your don't get too negative. Sometimes it's best to ask advice before making far reaching decisions with this aspect.
Also on March 14, Venus squares Mars. This is indicative of trouble between the sexes. If you can channel the energy it can be an exciting or romantic time, but this transit leans toward jealousy, and upsets in relationships more often than not. Be careful as the above mentioned transit can make this a day where you say things you could later regret.

March 15, Mercury sextiles Pluto. This transit is good for research or getting to the bottom of a problem. Communication will not be superficial.
Also on March 15, Mercury opposes Jupiter. This is basically positive but be careful about over-doing, or blowing things out of proportion.

March 16, Jupiter trines Pluto. The effects of this transit will begin several weeks before and after. This will help with the square Jupiter makes to Saturn. Jupiter-Pluto transits relate to accomplishment. There can be an interest in self regeneration, or it could be along the spiritual realm. You could benefit from higher education, finances, or recycling something in some way.

March 20, the Sun enters Aries at 12:31AM, EST Spring is FINALLY here!
Also, Venus conjuncts Neptune. While this can be romantic for some it is prone to daydreaming. Communications in love or even socially can be unclear, and misunderstanding can occur. Be careful with money matters.

March 21, Mercury enters Aries. Communication will become faster, bolder and more impulsive over the next few weeks with the planet of communication in this sign.

March 23, a lunar eclipse occurs at 3 degrees of Libra.
Also on this day, Jupiter squares Saturn, exact.
The Sun conjuncts Mercury. This can create o lot of communication but it can be willful and ego driven. Be careful driving.

March 24, Mercury trines Mars This is positive for communication, but if you aren't careful it can become a little argumentative or forceful. While positive watch how you say things.

March 25, Saturn begins its retrograde at 6:01AM, EST
March 25, the Sun trines Mars. This is energetic and positive
Also, Venus sextiles Pluto. Communication, especially in love is never superficial with this. This can help some in financial matters and important communications.

March 29, Mercury trines Saturn. Positive for deep thinking and communicating.  Good for getting down to business and accomplishment.

March 30, Mercury squares Pluto. This is prone to arguments, finding things out, and obsessiveness. With a transit like this it is hard to let certain thoughts go.

March 31, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Be careful driving, and check who your email is addressed to before you hit send. Sudden, intuitive thoughts, solutions and answers to problems, but prone to feeling scattered and thoughts may leave as quickly as they come. This can make you nervous and restless. Sometimes we receive unexpected news, or change plans and directions.

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