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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August 6, 1945: Hell unleashed on Earth

73 years ago this week (August 6, 1945) hell was unleashed on Earth with the first nuclear weapon dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. A look at the event chart (chart the moment the bomb was dropped) shows Uranus (Sudden, unexpected events, explosions) on the Midheaven, next to Mars. Mars-Uranus transits relate to sudden, unexpected often explosive events, and we have the same planets in another aspect through mid-August,  (I am not predicting a nuclear attack), and a look at the news certainly shows great tension and stress in the world at this time.

The Sun was conjunct Pluto, and this is a dangerous transit as Pluto rules nuclear situations and weapons.

In Japan's natal chart the previous June solar eclipse (in Cancer) fell in the second house opposing the 8th house of death along with Saturn. At least 90,000 died on impact and as many died in the following months from radiation sickness.

The bomb ended WW11 but set off a nuclear arms race that came close to setting off another, bigger war during the Cold War and the nuclear arms race with Soviet Russia, and the threat unleashed then continues to this day.

May we never see another nuclear weapon put to use on planet Earth.

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