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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mercury turns direct...Varooom...

Mercury turns stationary direct Sunday, August 19, in the early morning hours.

While retrograde, the ideas may be sloppier as the thinking and un-thought-out actions more prevalent. We can have a better handle on this when Mercury turns direct, but things may change direction once again.

Retrograde Mercury enters its stationary direct period August 19-21 and you may change direction or find out additional information that changes your path. Sometimes more glitches occur before the stationary period ends.

While Mercury is direct August 19, best to let things level out for the next week than to immediately start buying high ticket items, accepting new job offers and the like. Then again, as I always tell people, don't turn down a job if you need one!

Mercury begins to move forward again on August 21, but the shadow period of the retrograde is not over until September 2. At that point Mercury moves forward at its normal speed, and things return to normal, or the new normal if changes have occurred.

The next major change will occur as Mars turns direct on August 27, followed by Saturn on September 6. By then, we will be rolling!

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