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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Full Moon in Pisces August 26: The final chapter

This month's full moon falls at 3 degrees of Pisces August 26. The lunar peak occurs at 7:56 AM, EST.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house of things secret and hidden, hospitals, places of seclusion and endings.  The 12th house rules the subconscious mind or the unconscious mind and things that have lain dormant in your subconscious mind or issues you have pushed to the side may come to the surface now.

A Pisces full moon is a mixed bag. The sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with illusion, delusion, confusion and lack of clarity. With Pisces you can soar to the highest of highs or sink to the lowest of depths. This full moon may bring inspired thoughts and creativity, compassion and a desire to help others on the high end, or negativity and depression or delusion on the low end. Pisces also rules drugs and alcohol, chemical gasses, and water.

As Pisces rules the 12th house we may see endings of different types on this moon, or it may touch something in your subconscious mind. We may feel linked to others psychically more than ever. Or you could feel lost in a fog (Neptune) and hopeless. It is better to make a conscious choice to move forward (Moon sextiles Saturn) and continue to live your own ideals. 

Pisces-Moon transits may be creative, prone to daydreaming, and create a desire to do compassionate things, but it is also prone to deception, lies, dishonesty, lack of clarity or a belief in something that is not based on reality. If something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Now is not the time to get involved in ventures, relationships or anything else that are not grounded in reality, and this is certainly not the time for speculative financial ventures/investments or new ventures that involve money. Setting your intentions on this full moon, creativity, psychic studies, charity work, daydreaming, artistic efforts, water related activities will all be good choices at this time.

Going blindly into something that is highly speculative (including questionable relationships) may not turn out so well.

This energy may be difficult for some to harness, but if you can it is a time of dreams, hopes, inspiration and pleasant memories.

Venus square Pluto becomes part of this full Moon energy, and this transit can lead to obsessions, meltdowns, breakdowns or changes in relationships.

The Grand earth trine is also part of this energy, giving us a positive boost toward change.

The Pisces Moon sextiles Saturn, also giving us a certain amount of stability.

This is the final full moon of summer, and as Pisces rules the 12th house many things will begin to be revealed, wrapped up and completed as Mars finally turns direct, August 27, and we will finally begin to move forward again after an entire summer of retrograde planets.

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