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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Venus square Saturn: I will love you if...

Venus is square Saturn and this transit is exact in the evening (EDT) of August 9.

If you have been looking at a troubled relationship through rose colored glasses, they will likely come off at this time. Saturn is the planet of reality and it will clash with the planet of love.

Venus square Saturn can make us feel lonely, rejected or isolated. In some cases if this or something else makes a significant aspect some relationships may end, but this would typically only be the case if the relationship is tottering on the edge.

Issues can come to the surface and be dealt with. Sometimes this coincides with unpleasant circumstances we would prefer to avoid but can't, such as a loved one having surgery (or something else). In cases like this we just plug on and know the transit will pass shortly. Or we could look at love conditionally such as I will love you if...

As this transit becomes part of the eclipse energy of August 11, love or social matters can change one way or another.

This is not a positive transit for financial matters, and it can also relate to friendships, social circumstances and other matters depending on where it falls in your personal chart.

This transit will usher in certain world events. In the US chart it squares Venus in the 7th house of courts, and those considered enemies. It could also relate to financial markets and is not considered positive. We could hear news of issues related to women, endings and separations, or other Venus ruled matters.(justice, juries, art, beauty)

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