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Monday, April 4, 2022

April astrology 2022: Jupiter conjuncts Neptune


During April the Sun transits through Aries and then enters Taurus. Communication planet Mercury transits through Aries and Taurus and then enters Gemini at the end of the month. Mars completes its cycle in Aquarius and then enters Pisces. Jupiter conjuncts Neptune this month and Pluto retrogrades ending the 2-month cycle of no retrogrades.

Venus the planet of love and money leaves Aquarius for Pisces, changing love energies once again. Venus and Mars have been traveling side by side since the beginning of the year and this cycle will come to an end this month, although both Venus and Mars will be in Pisces about half of the month which will be great for Water signs.

We experience two New moons this month, the first in Aries and the 2nd in Taurus which is also a solar eclipse; the first this year. The full moon this month falls in Libra. Let’s get to the details.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune will be exact April 12th but of course we are already feeling the effects of this energy which will continue until Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries on May 11th. Jupiter returns to Pisces to conjunct Neptune once more October 29th-December 20th. No one living at this time will experience this aspect in Pisces again in our lifetime.

For the most part this should be a positive and creative type of energy, but there are certain pitfalls to avoid such as escapism, lack of clarity, substance abuse, self deception or looking at things through rosy glasses. We can be at risk of deluding ourselves over many matters so it is important to keep our feet on the ground while we reach for the stars. Since Neptune likes to merge with others it is important to get to know anyone new that comes into your life at this time either personally or in business. Under this aspect we could easily get swindled or have our heart stolen by someone who has less than honorable intentions. In other words, don’t rush into anything with people that you do not know well. This aspect can represent false illusions, often in terms of relationships. Sometimes with a Neptune aspect, things get revealed for something different than what we thought they were. Watch your heart and your money.

Compassion is front and center with this aspect and it can be a pleasant and intuitive type of energy where we may gain a great deal of insight into our own as well as others motivations.

This aspect occurs about every 12-13 years moving forward from one sign to the next. For example in 1907 which was the first conjunction of the century, Jupiter-Neptune was in Cancer and the last conjunction of the century was in 1997 in Aquarius. This century it began in Aquarius in 2009, and 13 years later or this year (2022), it is in Pisces which is the second conjunction of the new century. The next conjunction will not be until 2034 in Aries. The last time Neptune was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces was 1856.

If Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing new beginnings, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac meaning some things will come to an end at this time both on a personal and global level as Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac or endings. Neptune places an emphasis on the collective mindset and the collective global power but bear in mind Neptune will remain in this sign until January of 2026 and Jupiter only joins it for a short time. Jupiter aims for peaceful exchanges and is expansive and humanitarian in nature.

While we may experience many beautiful moments personally with this aspect in regards to creativity, building our dreams, intuitive experiences and spirituality, this is a significant transit in the world as well.

Pisces rules spirituality and religion, creativity and the arts and most of all compassion. Unfortunately, Neptune in Pisces relates to many displaced people in the world and will continue to for some time. Jupiter will bring some aid and hope.

Oil is ruled by Neptune and as Jupiter expands whatever it touches good or bad. The prices of oil have risen due to the western blockage of Russian oil as a result of Putin's assault on Ukraine. It is interesting to note the first oil well ever drilled in the world which produced oil was in 1856 by the American Merrimac Company in southeast Trinidad, the last time Jupiter was conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Art, theatre and music will take a turn for the better as Neptune is associated with art, theatre and all performance arts.  In 1856 the impressionist movement was well under way which would herald the start of what we consider modern art.

This is an aspect that favors universal moral values according the late Andre Barbult who whose work was widely known in predicting events connects with WW11. Hopefully this is the right transit for the right time and the collective will make the best use of it.

Will this compassionate aspect be enough to end the war in Ukraine? Time will tell.

New Moon in Aries

The first of two New Moons for the month falls at 11 degrees of Aries on March 31st or April 1st depending on whether you live on the East or West Coast. If you live on the West Coast the lunar peak falls at 2: 24AM, and the East coast just before midnight.

The April 1st New moon in Aries is the first new moon of the astrological New Year which began March 20th, when the Sun entered Aries. This moon represents a jolt of positive energy and new beginnings as we welcome spring!

Expect to feel a more energetic and ready to take on new projects and challenges as we enter a brand new lunar cycle which rules the 1st sign of the zodiac or the self. This could in some way uncover or reveal something about the way you view yourself or you could get in touch with something within that you have believed was lost. Aries planetary ruler is Mars, the planet of action, aggression and sexuality. Aries does not like to let grass grow under their feet and now will be the time to take action toward something, or just feel free and unmetered for a time from the long, cold winter months and all of the ongoing negative news.

This moon conjuncts the Sun which can often place a focus on our own egos and desires as well as those closest to us, as it does on every new moon. The moon conjunct Mercury can cause us to rethink some of our ideas and opinions and place us in contact with those whose opinions can sometimes differ from our own. Mercury also rules travel, young people and children as well as our thinking and communication. The moon sextile Mars gives us a big burst of mental energy and perhaps the will power to tackle things we might not normally be able to accomplish with as much ease as the new moon will provide.

As this moon opposes the 7th house of partners, we may interact with others or those closest to us. There can be a ‘we versus me’ type of energy at this time and it will be important to remember the feelings of those closest to us without becoming too aggressive as Aries can be prone toward doing.

Overall, this is a positive and upbeat moon and we should expect a significant shift in our confidence, ability to handle things and energy to move to a new level personally. Under this moon we may feel inspired and ready to begin a new year (astrologically) with a new or greater purpose than we have felt in a while.

Mars conjuncts Saturn

April 4th, Mars conjuncts Saturn but this energy will be felt during the few days before and after the transit is exact. This is a heavy and frustrating aspect prone to irritation and a feeling of ‘blocked energy.’ If you are not dealing with an emotional upset of some kind you can actually accomplish a great deal, especially if you work alone.

This aspect will play out in the world in terms of police and military actions. It is prominent in the chart of Vladimir Putin and we will certainly hear war news. It is also prominent in the chart of Ukraine and its President Volodymyr Velenskyy so this will represent a significant time.

April 5th Venus enters Pisces

If Venus in Aquarius has seemed somewhat aloof, Venus in Pisces will be quite different as Pisces is one of the most romantic of signs and Venus is well places here. The planet of love, money and values will remain in this sign until May 2nd.

Venus is in Pisces is gentle, perceptive, artistic and emotional, creating a great ambiance for love. Pisces is Venus’s favorite sign and love has no barriers here.

Now is the time to embrace romance, love, fantasy, creativity and dreams and Pisces is all about all of these things. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion as well as Neptune the planet that rules the imagination, our dreams and fantasies. Giving to others comes much easier at this time as Pisces is known as the most compassionate of signs, and our desires turn to focus on meaningful and deep bonds. Neptune frequently brings about a desire to merge with others on a deep level. Venus is operating at its highest octave in this sign.

Now is the time to feel romantic thoughts and experience love at its fullest but we must also remember that since Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune, Venus in Pisces can also mean putting on rose colored glasses and failing to judge a situation for what it really is. Love can be grand, but we must also pay attention to warning signs that tell us if the person we are interested in is not all in the relationship. This can be a fine line to walk; feeling the romance of Pisces and yet maintaining boundaries and a clear perspective. In other words, because Venus is in Pisces does not mean throwing caution to the wind. The desire to merge with others will be significant and complex but we must be careful just who and what we choose to merge with.

 April 10th, Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury is the planet that is associated with speech, thinking and all types of communication, and as it changes signs our thinking and style of communication change along with it. Mercury also rules our intellect, ability to analyze, pets, travel, siblings and immediate family members.  Get ready for communication to go from direct, bold and straightforward, to a more laid back and relaxed style. Mercury will remain in the sign Taurus until April 29th.

In the late night hours of April 9th and the early morning of April 10th before Mercury enters Taurus it completes a square with Pluto. While most of this energy will be felt the day before it can linger. Watch for a tendency to dwell on things and it may be hard to let go of a particular idea or thought. This aspect is prone toward arguments and accidents as well so use caution. Others may try and convince you of their viewpoint, or you others.

While Mercury is in Aries we felt inspired and full of new ideas, and now is the time to turn these ideas into concrete reality. Mercury in Taurus can give our communication and thinking a practical type of style and determination.

Taurus rules the 2nd house in astrology or income and possessions. Venus is the ruler of the sign Taurus and Venus represents money, values, love and our social lives so our thoughts will turn to these matters as well. Taurus is a rich and sensual sign and we will be more interested in material possessions, land and perhaps the earth itself. Our interests could turn to investments, property, food, art and jewelry, beauty products, clothes and items that beautify our surroundings. As Venus is the ruler of Taurus she becomes the star of the show, and of course, Venus rules love. Expect to feel more expressive and expansive in your feelings and communication, and others will be the same. Now is the time to communicate with your partner and those you love and express the way you truly feel. This type of communication will come easier, and be much more natural during this time.

Taurus also rules the voice. Mercury in Taurus is a great time for those who are musically inclined and sing, do podcasts or anything involving the voice. Mercury in Taurus could indicate sales, trade, and profit as well.

The downside of Mercury/Taurus can have to do with a stubborn unwillingness toward creative change. As Taurus is a fixed sign, change comes slowly with Mercury in this sign, and once a decision is made it is often irrevocable

Mars enters Pisces

April 14th, action planet Mars leaves Aquarius for Pisces where it will remain until May 24th. Mars joins Venus in this sign and these two planets that rule our love life will dance together until April 2nd when Venus moves into Aries.

Mars in Pisces will bring about a noticeable energetic shift as Pisces is the most laid back of signs. Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune adding even more Neptunian energy to the mix.

Mars is the planet that motivates and drives us toward our goals. When in Pisces we act more on intuition, our dreams, sensitivity to others and at times, spiritual convictions.

Mars in Pisces will come across as more considerate than Mars in other signs and our action may be broader and in some cases more scattered or confused.Mars in this sign does not operate in a direct manner, but rather moves sideways at times. During Mars transits through this sign keeping the peace becomes more important than it does at other times. People born with Mars in this sign often go with the flow in life rather than approaching things in a head on manner.

As Pisces is a mutable sign, what we want may be quite changeable as this is the nature of mutable signs. Above all else mutable signs are most interested in the freedom to evolve and change.

At times Mars in Pisces can seem like moving through fog, not knowing where we will end up. The greater gift of this sign however is being able to conceptualize the bigger picture and wait until the time if right as opposed to jumping on every apparent opportunity that comes up. This is especially true of those born with Mars in Pisces and they will wait to act when the spirit moves them and they are often correct in their timing of things.

Pisces is the most sensitive and spiritual of signs so while Mars is in this sign we will be prone to look at the world through a different lens that values compassion and understanding over direct confrontation and approaching things in a head on manner.

Since Venus will be traveling with Mars in Pisces, this presents a great opportunity for Pisces and other Water signs. When these two planets are together it increases the chance of meeting someone special if you are looking. Those most influenced by this will be Pisces, Scorpio and in particular Cancer or those born with a Cancer ascendant as Venus and Mars will be transiting their 5th house of love.

The most significant aspect Mars in Pisces makes is its conjunction with Neptune may 17th-18th. This can be a tiring if not discouraging aspect. On the positive end it can denote creativity, compassion and spiritual pursuits but it often manifests the more negative qualities of anger, melancholy and feeling tired. Neptune is associated with oil, water related weather conditions, chemicals and gasses on the world stage as well as propaganda and unclear or incorrect information.

Full moon in Libra

April’s full moon falls on April 18th at 28 degrees of Libra, the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships.

The Moon forms a t-square with Pluto and the Sun. This is an aspect that brings in the energies of all three planets and is considered difficult to handle. Moon square Pluto aspects lean toward emotional upheaval, dwelling on the past and uncovering hidden issues. The Sun has entered its square to Pluto which is exact on April 18th. This aspect is prone to revelations, power struggles and those who force their will on others. The Sun opposes the Moon on each full moon and this typically deals with heightened emotions which are why health care workers know the ER rooms are generally busier during full moons.

Sun square Pluto becomes part of the full moon energy even if it is not ‘exact.’This is are associated with power struggles, change, a desire for control and any number of things can break down at this time including relationships with others.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus and this transit is exact April 17th. Mercury-Uranus aspects are prone toward unexpected news and communications, communication breakdowns, sudden changes of mind and accidents.

This full moon has a theme of me versus we. There is energy to transform relationship and partnerships at a core level but there is also possibility of endings if the relationship is tottering on the edge.At this time we will become aware of our need for relationships, as well as satisfying our own needs versus the needs of others.

This will be a significant full moon on the world stage. In the US chart we can expect to see political power struggles and issues may arise that concern money,communications and unexpected developments. We could see sudden issues come to light that have been hidden in the past.

April 19th, the Sun enters Taurus

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th and will remain here until May 21st. Welcome to what astrologers call the Taurus season!

As the Sun moves from Aries into Taurus, we should have experienced some new beginnings in our lives, whether personal or in work. The Sun in Taurus is a time to become steady on our feet, get grounded, and turn our attention to more material concerns. This represents the second sign of spring when the seed begins to grow, and our new beginnings from the previous month should start to show some growth as well. Taurus is typically a relaxed, sociable period of time as Venus is the ruler of the sign.

With Venus as the star of the show, we tend to become more social and interested in the material world to a greater degree. This includes those things pleasant to our senses, sensuality, clothes, art, beauty and often rich foods. We may purchase luxury items and have a desire to surround ourselves with beautiful objects.

New clothes can become an objective this month, along with new make-up or a new hairstyle. We could feel an urge to update these things as Venus rules all of the above. There is nothing like a new hairstyle or make up to pick up from the doldrums of the winter!

The downside of Taurus can be a stubborn unwillingness to make change. Taurus is a fixed sign that moves slowly and does not make fast decisions. Keep an open mind and chill out this month. If you do this, there is no reason you should not enjoy and prosper from the richness of the Taurus season.

Pluto turns retrograde

The first retrograde of the New Year occurs April 29th when Pluto turns retrograde at 28 degrees of Capricorn. It will remain retrograde until October 8th. Pluto is generally retrograde roughly half of the time.

Pluto’s retrograde is not anything like Mercury retrograde when things can go off the rails, and many times this retrograde may go unnoticed unless it is making a significant aspect in your own personal chart as its affects occur on a very subtle level.

Issues relating to money, joint finances, investments, lawsuits, partnerships and sex will become more internalized during this period allowing us to look at things from a different viewpoint. Pluto is about making deep change that goes beneath the surface very slowly. One way of looking at Pluto’s retrograde is destruction of that which is no longer working, which will become obvious to us over time. Pluto wants to uncover things and bring them from the darkness and into the light so positive change may occur. This works on a collective as well as personal level.

Issues involving control, money, sex or power may appear to lose steam during this time, but these issues are not really going away, they are just going underneath the surface, where activity is still occurring on a deeper level. In a sense we are backing up, to reconsider important ideas and new information. In essence we are being given an opportunity to delve into the deepest parts of our subconscious mind to understand how we really feel, and what we would like to change.

When Pluto turns direct again any issues we have failed to deal with will surface again both in our personal lives and on the world stage. But, as Pluto retrogrades we have the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and effect a slow transformative change that can be permanent and make our lives stronger. The part of your life that will be affected depends on where transiting Pluto is in your personal chart.

Solar eclipse in Taurus

The first solar eclipse of the year falls on April 30th at 10 degrees of Taurus. This is a partial solar eclipse that is not visible in the US.

Eclipses are like wildcards that frequently reveal previously unknown information and can bring us to turning points and ah ha moments that can produce positive or negative results depending on what is in doing your chart.

A similar eclipse occurred April 29, 2015 at 8 degrees of Taurus and other eclipses fell in Scorpio-Taurus 2003-2004.

Taurus rules the second house of money and opposes the 8th house of other people’s money so this eclipse will be about finances, directly or indirectly and we may reconsider our finances, make financial decisions or find ways to increase our incomes. Taurus’s ruler Venus is connected with love, money and values. The effects of this eclipse can last for 6 months after the date of the eclipse and affect all things connected with Venus including sensuality and self worth.

Venus is the ruler of this eclipse and Venus is conjunct Jupiter. This is pleasant, relaxing energy that can be associated with love, social activities and financial transactions. Since this eclipse is in sync with Mars this can be an action oriented period of time. Venus and Jupiter form a sextile to Pluto which is a harmonious aspect that can give us insights into regenerating relationships and emotional habits as well as the ability to express our feelings more easily than normal.

The Moon also conjuncts Uranus. This is prone to sudden and unexpected events and is emotionally changeable. You could experience this as an exciting time to try new things, or alternatively it could produce a nervous and restless type of energy. While this is a very unpredictable aspect we have a great deal of planetary support to make creative change.



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