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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Full moon in Libra; serious matters


April’s full moon falls on April 16th at 28 degrees of Libra, the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships.

In the broad sense this full moon is all about our relationships with others, romantic and otherwise. Issues that may come to the forefront at this time include; what am I getting from my relationship as opposed to what I am giving, and is my partner or potential partner the right person for me?

This moon has a theme of me versus we. There is energy to transform relationship and partnerships at a core level but there but there is also possibility of endings if the relationship is tottering on the edge. This is not enough to destroy a healthy and solid relationship.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus and this transit is exact April 17th but this is part of the full moon energy. Mercury-Uranus aspects are prone toward unexpected news and communications, communication breakdowns, sudden changes of mind and accidents. This can also coincide with sudden decisions, unexpected news, arguments, separations and unexpected parting of the ways at worst. This transit makes the full moon hard to predict as it is so changeable.

The Moon forms a t-square with Pluto and the Sun. This brings in the energies of all three planets and is considered difficult to handle. Moon square Pluto aspects lean toward emotional upheaval, dwelling on the past and uncovering hidden issues.  The Sun has entered its square to Pluto which is exact on April 18th. This is prone to revelations, power struggles and those who force their will on others. The Sun opposes the Moon on each full moon and this typically deals with heightened emotions which are why health care workers know the ER rooms are generally busier during full moons.

This will be a significant full moon on the world stage. In the US chart we can expect to see political power struggles and issues may arise that concern money, communications and unexpected developments. We could see sudden issues come to light that have been hidden in the past. Pluto can be associated with death, literally or metaphorically and it is likely we will continue to see negative news relating to the most subsequent issues in the world at this time. This will be a time of serious issues with serious consequences.


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