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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Jupiter enters Aries; Get ready to expand!


Jupiter is the planet of luck and gain and it enters Aries May 10th-October 29th. At this point it retrogrades back into Pisces until December 19th when it enters Aries again until May 17th, 2023.

Jupiter is consider the ‘greater benefic’ and typically during any given year, Jupiter dips its toes into the next sign for a few months so we can get a feel for what each   sign will bring before it begins its complete transit through any given sign.

Fire signs in particular will benefit with Jupiter in this sign since it only enters your sign once every 12 years. While Jupiter in Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac things that are hidden from view such as spirituality and intuition, Aries rules the first house of self and is very expansive in nature.

Jupiter in Aries is fast paced, exuberant and we may feel a surge of confidence and desire to lead and take action. Jupiter always widens our perspective and this will occur on a personal level as the planet of luck transits through the sign ruled by Mars, considered the planet of action.

Aries/Mars is considered a bold, assertive and pioneering combination. We will be more focused on ourselves, our goals and may feel much more energized than when Jupiter was in Pisces. Jupiter-Aries can inspire a type of bravery and more energy to take and accept risk. This is a positive goal oriented sign and we will be working on our own personal interests while Jupiter is in Aries. Aries does not like restriction or limitation and does not let grass grow under its feet. The downside of Jupiter-Aries is reaching too far, too fast, and as it rules the first house of self it is important to remember other people have their own goals just as we do. Aries can be rash, impulsive and brash at times, but this is seldom the intent. At times, Aries can generate a type of playfulness and idealism and enjoys being free and unfettered. You can be your own best cheerleader while Jupiter transits through this sign and it is quite possible your optimism and confidence will take you beyond any self imposed limitations during this time.

We can expect to see some advances in the US as Jupiter sextiles Uranus in the US chart during the summer months. This can relate to job growth, and advances in healthcare and public health. Uranus represents cutting edge technology, air and spacecraft along with all technological advances.

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