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Monday, April 11, 2022

Mercury has entered Taurus!


Mercury is the planet that is associated with speech, thinking and all types of communication, and as it changes signs our thinking and style of communication change along with it. Mercury also rules our intellect, ability to analyze, pets, travel, siblings and immediate family members.  Get ready for communication to go from direct, bold and straightforward, to a more laid back and relaxed style. Mercury will remain in the sign Taurus until April 29th.

In the late night hours of April 9th and the early morning of April 10th before Mercury enters Taurus it completed a square with Pluto. While most of this energy will be felt the day before it can linger. Watch for a tendency to dwell on things and it may be hard to let go of a particular idea or thought. This aspect is prone toward arguments and accidents as well so use caution. Others may try and convince you of their viewpoint or you others.

While Mercury is in Aries we felt inspired and full of new ideas, and now is the time to turn these ideas into concrete reality. Mercury in Taurus can give our communication and thinking a practical type of style and determination.

Taurus rules the 2nd house in astrology or income and possessions. Venus is the ruler of the sign Taurus and Venus represents money, values, love and our social lives so our thoughts will turn to these matters as well. Taurus is a rich and sensual sign and we will be more interested in material possessions, land and perhaps the earth itself. Our interests could turn to investments, property, food, art and jewelry, beauty products, clothes and items that beautify our surroundings. As Venus is the ruler of Taurus she becomes the star of the show, and of course, Venus rules love. Expect to feel more expressive and expansive in your feelings and communication, and others will be the same. Now is the time to communicate with your partner and those you love and express the way you truly feel. This type of communication will come easier, and be much more natural during this time.

Taurus also rules the voice. Mercury in Taurus is a great time for those who are musically inclined and sing, do podcasts or anything involving the voice. Mercury in Taurus could indicate sales, trade, and profit as well.

The downside of Mercury/Taurus can have to do with a stubborn unwillingness toward creative change. As Taurus is a fixed sign, change comes slowly with Mercury in this sign, and once a decision is made it is often irrevocable.

Mercury will conjunct Uranus April 17th making this aspect part of the powerful full moon energy on April 16th. Mercury-Uranus aspects are indicative of sudden and unexpected changes and emotional instability or changeability. Uranus is associated with freedom and breaking free of oppressive situations. Given the state of the world at this time and in particular the war in Ukraine we may see sudden twists and turns.  Uranus rules explosions and aircraft so we can expect to see an escalation of hostilities among other world events. Taurus also rules the 2nd house of money so we may see issues connected with finances or the stock markets, food shortages and other money related situations.

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