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Thursday, February 8, 2018

How astrology can help you find love

Astrology can help you find love in more ways than one:

Timing-Astrology can show you when the optimal time to meet someone new will occur. Opportunities for meeting new romantic partners clearly shows in a chart.

Synastry-Astrology shows the strengths and weaknesses between any two people, and how well you will get along. In other words you can recognize a compatible partner.

Karmic partners-Astrology can show if this is a karmic relationship, that is, one you were destined to meet. Which of course does not guarantee compatibility or longevity, in and of itself.

Your own patterns that may need to change-We all have patterns that can become habit. In other words, we have blind spots, that can keep us from attaining true love.

For example, I have a friend with Saturn square Neptune from her 5th house of love that also involved her Moon. After years of watching her hang on to dead relationships, (being an astrologer I wondered) I asked about her parents. They had been in a marriage for 50 years or more and she finally admitted that her Mother (the Moon in her chart) had been unhappy most of her married life, but hung in there for dear life no matter what.

I told her that I thought this contributed to her early conditioning about marriage and love, and that looking at her chart, I felt she associated love with unhappiness and hanging on no matter what, even in relationships where the man was long gone.

A few days later she admitted I was right. With this knowledge she changed her pattern. If a man didn't call back after a certain period of time she began to Move On with a vengeance. I am happy to say she is now in a reciprocal relationship that is going well.

Is he capable of fidelity? This is an important question to most women and one worthy of looking into. While we all have a brain, some men (and women) are capable of monogamy and some are high risk.

What kind of a partner is he looking for? Heads and hearts sometimes clash, but the chart shows what a man (or woman) is looking for and ultimately what kind of partner they will have.

What will the future look like and when do obstacles occur? This is an important question to prepare for the future. Most people who call would rather know what their chances of success are than to be in the dark. 

Astrology clearly shows the future, and knowledge is always power!
These are just a few of the things astrology can answer regarding love. 
What does your chart show?

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