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Monday, February 19, 2018

Transcendental love or bad dream?

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Pisces now along with Neptune. This means all of these fast moving planets will conjunct Neptune, and square Mars in Sagittarius. Our sense of clarity may be challenged and it will be important to pay attention.  As these planets conjunct or square each other major events can occur in the world and in our personal lives, in some cases.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. Be careful about falling into the trap of thinking something (or someone) is perfect, and also be careful about forming opinions, good or bad at this time, as it can be hard to see reality. Neptune transit can seem tiring or discouraging and sometimes situations are revealed for what they are. It can bring out addictive tendencies in those who suffer from this anyway.

Neptune can seem dreamy, and is associated with dreams. It can mean unconditional love, but this is rare. It can also make things seem ideal, which must stand the test of time, however. Neptune rules religion, spirituality and creativity, compassion  and the imagination. Keep your focus in these realms and you might find a way to soar.

Squares to Mars are associated with conflict. Mars in Sagittarius is ready to act in bold and impulsive ways and stretch the normal boundaries. Mars in any sign can bring aggravation, accidents and stress.

Here is a rundown of these aspects. You might want to keep this information as there are quite a few.
February 21, Venus conjuncts Neptune. Venus is the planet of love and money and this conjunction can create a lot of confusion in relationships, especially. Some people may project a false image.

Money can be affected, and this could be a transit of theft. This could be credit theft, having belongings stolen or any other kind of theft. You can find your resources evaporating if you are not aware.

February 25, Venus squares Mars. This places the male-female planets in conflict, and it create a period of tension. It can create or increase an interest in the opposite sex, but there is a tendency to act in aggressive ways, and jealousy can occur. It's important to find mutual understanding at this time.

Also on February 25, Mercury conjuncts Neptune, amping up the Neptunian energy. This transit can lead to melancholy and confusion and all things may not be as they appear. Misinformation can be the result either through direct conversation with someone else or our own thinking. Do not make important or irrevocable decisions at this time-let the Neptunian fog pass.

February 28, Mercury squares Mars. Arguments will abound under this transit. This can be a combative day in the world and compromises may be hard to come by. People will be compelled and driven to express their viewpoints and they may be critical and abrupt. This is the perfect transit for an accident so be careful while driving or undertaking other activities. There will be a lot of mental activity and communication. It can go well if you don't let aggression and agitation rule the day.

March 3, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. The Sun rules men and our egos to name a few. This can be a day of melancholy and misguided or misdirected information, or it can be a day where you may feel you have touched the sublime presence. Double check all information you receive and remember that Neptune is prone to distort facts.
On the other hand, you can reach the heights of creativity, spiritual pursuits and compassion can be given and received.

These will be significant days in the world. Neptune is associated with scandals, lies and deception. Issues related to water, gasses or contaminants could play out. We could also hear of issues relating to theft and/or propaganda meant to mislead.


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