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Thursday, February 1, 2018

What is a Void of Course Moon and dates February 2018

The moon orbits the Earth over a period of 29.5 days from new moon to new moon, changing signs every 2.25 days. When a moon is considered void of course it means that the moon has made it last major aspect in that sign, and will not aspect another celestial body until it changes signs

 Many interactions (transits) occur between the moon and various planets as it cycles around the earth every month.  Each aspect typically lasts only a few hours, and there are typically 13 void periods each month, which can last from a few minutes to hours, sometimes as long as several days.

The moons transit through each sign sets the stage to affect our feelings. The moon is connected with our emotional life which changes daily. As the moon aspects various planets, this too can affect our moods and feelings, playing a role in the outcome of events that occur in our lives.

As the moon enters its void of course phase, it is as though it is taking a rest. For a short time we may feel out of sorts and it is considered best not to make major decisions or purchases during a void of course phase. Sometimes, we may not even notice this period it is so subtle, but decisions made during this period will often not turn out as expected. During these periods it is best to focus on spiritual matters or reflect, rather than act, if possible.

Here are the times for the void of course moon n February 2018. Times are EST.

February 1st 5:58 A.M. – 2:13 P.M.
February 3rd 2:07 A.M. – 4:47 P.M.
February 5th 1:46 P.M. – 10:56 P.M.
February 8th 2:16 A.M. – 8:53 A.M.
February 10th 11:38 A.M. – 9:21 P.M.
February 13th 12:43 A.M. – 10:11 A.M.
February 15th 4:05 P.M. – 9:42 P.M.
February 17th 5:13 P.M. – February 18th 7:05 P.M.
February 20th 6:11 A.M. – 2:12 P.M.
February 22 6:46AM- 7:02PM
February 26 4:51PM-11:42PM
February 28 6:13 PM-March 1, 12:57AM

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