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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Venus squars Mars: friction!

Venus is building toward its square to Mars which becomes exact February 25-26. The energy of this transit will be felt before and after it is exact.
Venus and Mars pit the male and female planets against each other, but it can involve friction in other areas as well.
Typically we think of Venus transits involving relationships between men and women, but Venus also rules values, our social lives and money. It is in these realms the conflict will lie.
There can be a tendency to act in aggressive ways and without allowing for mutual consideration. Some involved in relationships may become jealous or overly demanding.
On February 25, Mercury is also conjunct Neptune. Illusion, confusion and delusion are themes with a transit like this, and clarity will be a much needed commodity. Venus was conjunct Neptune February 21. 
Act on impulse and you may well come to realize your information was incorrect.
Mercury-Neptune can be psychic and perceptive, but in some cases it creates paranoia and misleading or depressive thinking or communication. It can also represent lies and deception.
Mars-Venus transits can create an interest in the opposite sex and there will be a great deal of interaction on this day. At its best if aggression doesn't enter the picture it could be a day of fun and excitement. This transit can go either way.
This energy will play out in the world, and more scandals would not be surprising. Mercury-Neptune transits, especially in Pisces place a focus on those who are repressed and downtrodden. Expect major news.

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