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Monday, February 5, 2018

Stock Market tanks-what's happening?

Dow Jones was down nearly 1600 points today making this day the biggest single day loss in history.

This drop can clearly be seen us the US natal chart as Saturn in Capricorn opposes Jupiter. The two financial planets are Jupiter and Venus, and I wrote about this strong probability atthe start of the 2018.

Additionally, Uranus has just moved forward by one degree, and it is in a square to Mercury in the 8th house (other people's money) of the US chart.

The market began its fast decline as the Moon opposes Uranus February 5, and this has been associated with market drops in the past.

Saturn opposing Jupiter is never positive for money, finance and this transit will occur several more times this year: late June-early July and early November. Saturn-Venus transits can affect money as well and this will occur late July-August and October.

I look for the markets to have some wild swings this year. I personally believe the market has been artificially inflated for some time, and I believe this year will bring a correction if not several. Many aspects factor into this including Saturn in Capricorn which is more restrictive than expansive.

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