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Friday, September 8, 2017

I'm mad, get out of my way now!

Between now and September 19, Mars and Mercury are conjunct or within a couple of degrees of being conjunct in the early degrees of Virgo.

First of all, Virgo can be the most critical sign in the zodiac. It is also worrisome, and I have called it whiny. But, it can be more than this, it can result in arguments, verbal jabs, and at worst it can escalate into massive arguments or fights, or even ugly communication going on behind your back.

Mars and Mercury were conjunct in the sign Leo the weekend of September 3-4.

Mental irritation, headaches, sharp tongues, verbal jousting, spontaneous aggravations and not well thought out verbal outbursts will be the norm over these days if you aren't careful. It could come from you or someone else.

This energy can be transmuted into mental activity, writing, communicating and planning or debate if you have the willpower and perseverance to do so. It could be a great transit for attorneys.

Another side of this energy is accidents and situations involving transportation or driving. At this time there is an exodus from Florida and the East Coast, and traffic will be a nightmare. This is however not limited to the East Coast. Watch your driving, other people may be impatient and angry, and expect road rage. Other accidents are possible as well, so use caution in all activities.

This energy peaks on September 16, as Mars and Mercury are exact at 7 degrees of Virgo. If this aspects a mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) planet in your chart you will feel the effects, depending on what is being aspected.

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  1. on! Got a lot done today. Great energy. I am a mutable sign.