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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saturn sextiles Jupiter: advancement and moving forward

Jupiter is almost exact in its sextile to Saturn August 27, at 21 degrees of Libra/Sagittarius. This transit should help both before and after the transit makes its exact hit. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and Saturn rules our structure, responsibilities and slow growth through hard work. The two planets don't meet up often and when they do great things can occur.

 Between now and then you may see many projects come together, situations complete, or you could even see some long held dream find a concrete solution.

You can expect that educational, business and career opportunities can present themselves, and progress in long range goals can occur. Some things may reach a conclusion and be finalized.

You could feel a greater sense of responsibility, integrity and responsibility at this time, and you may find these qualities to be important in your dealings with others.

August 22-23, Mars will join the mix as Mars trines Saturn, giving us the impetus to work long and hard to achieve our goals.

The only fly in the ointment so to speak, is retrograde Mercury, which can still cause delays, glitches and issues to crop up. Retrograde Mercury makes this time better for concluding old projects than starting new ones.

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