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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Venus opposes Pluto: love, obsessions and other significant events

Venus is moving into an opposition to Pluto that becomes exact Tuesday, August 15, at 17 degrees Cancer-Capricorn. This energy will be felt before the transit is exact and in the few days after.

Venus opposing Pluto is a harsh aspect, and some relationships and situations will end. Others, with work, could be transformed in some way, but the path will not be an easy one.

Significant events can occur or things can reach a peak, and this does not have to all be negative. For example, some could close real estate deals, or other projects could come about, typically with a great deal of work.

Pluto is an obsessive planet and its nature is to push, dig and in some cases bully.
Venus rules love, money and values, and Pluto rules sex, obsessions, bullies, jealousy and the darker emotions, as well as transformation of all kinds.

Venus is transiting through Cancer, the ruler of the 4th house of home and family and Cancer is concerned with home and family, security and feelings.

This transit typically relates to obsessiveness in relationships, extreme jealousies, obscure dramas, endings, indiscretions, compulsions, irrational behavior, emotional meltdowns, manipulation and issues over sex or money. 

You will be affected more than others if you have a personal planet in your chart at 16-18 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. To an extent however, we will all be affected.

As Venus is in Cancer this could involve situations that include family members, and with Pluto in Capricorn it  could involve business relationships, or any other type of relationship, not limited to romantic ones.

Typically this shows a power struggle of some type  that could get ugly and this transit does not fare well for women, overall.

 At its most extreme Venus-Pluto transits show domestic violence and abuse/violence against women.

 If you are in a healthy relationship that is not riddled with issues and jealousies you have little to fear. How you handle issues may be more important at this time than what the issues actually are.

As Mercury will be retrograde, you may not have your facts correct, and this is a period you would do well not to initiate issues or force change on anyone.

 This transit will play out on the world stage. There are some very ugly things happening in the world that aren't going away any time soon. We could hear news about women/finance and it won't be pretty. Human trafficking also comes to mind, along with forced marriages and issues concerning women. Pluto rules those in the world who try and force their will upon others, and Pluto rules nuclear situations.

This transit is prominent in US President Donald Trump's chart, and can play out on many levels. It is not impossible that N. Korea could be a part of the equation, as Mars conjuncts Pluto in the N.K. natal chart in the days before. Either way, we will hear significant news.

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