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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Venus squares Uranus: Unpredictability!

Venus squares Uranus August 24, and this can create an unpredictable energy for love and money.

Some relationships can and will end, others will experience some type of disruption. If your relationship is stable, it could bring some type of disagreement, and then again it could just as easily be a unique if not unpredictable day. Try something new!

If you have been struck in a rut, this could create a needed change. this is a day to use the energy wisely and seek out new experiences and even people.

If you meet someone new on this day, do not assume this person will remain in your life or be your new partner. Uranus has an unpredictable edge to it, and while all things are possible, it is equally possible that no matter who well you seem to get along, stability is not necessarily in the picture-only time will tell.

As Venus also rules money, you should watch your finances. An impulsive buy may not turn out to be anything you really want or need. Or you could easily change your mind as Mercury is retrograde.

The best use of this energy is to explore or try something new and different even if it is as simple as a new restaurant, music or anything else that can elevate your consciousness to a new level.

Sometimes we can see changes in the financial markets, or it could involve other unexpected events that play out in the news.

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